Alternative Transportation Options

Carpool, vanpool, and bicycling programs are available for Duke employees. 


To purchase permits, get on waitlists, pay citations and more, use our online service My Parking Account. If you have a Duke NetID, use it to access the site. If you don't have a NetID yet, log in as a guest.

New faculty and staff who are eligible for payroll deduction may purchase an annual permit.  Waitlists are available for several facilities. See the sections below for detail.

New Employee Eligible for Payroll Deduction: Annual Permit with 10 Day Temporary Pass

New employees with a valid NetID who are eligible for payroll deduction may purchase an annual permit with 10-day temporary pass. Facility options are based on current availability. A third party fulfills the permit order and will mail your permit hangtag directly to you within five business days. In the interim, you will receive a temporary QR code permit (PDF) via email that conveys access to the selected facility for 10 days. You can use your mobile device to display and scan the permit’s QR code in the parking facility entry/exit lane. Alternatively, you can print and display the temporary permit on your vehicle’s dashboard. Your DukeCard will also provide access to your assigned facility.

Selecting and Purchasing Your Annual Permit

What is the best parking for me?

Parking on campus is scarce and expensive. Which lot is “best” depends on many factors, with work schedule being one of the most important. For workers arriving for a 7:00am-7:00pm shift, the following lots are convenient:

For those arriving at 8:00am or later, Smith Warehouse North and South Lots (Proximate Rate of $58.25 a month) may be the best choice. Smith Warehouse sees very frequent service to Duke Chapel via the free Duke Transit C1 route.

I only work night and weekends. Where do I park?

If you know that you will work only nights and weekends, you are eligible for a HEW: Hospital Evenings and Weekends Permit ($13.50 a month). Monthly subsidy may apply.  The permit is valid in PG2 (Level 4 and above) from 2:30pm to 9:00am weekdays and all day on weekends. It is valid in PG1, PG2, PG3, and Research Drive Garage between 5:00pm-9:00am M-F and all day on weekends. You may be eligible to park at other lots between 5:00pm and 6:59am.

Can I just buy a daily permit and park in PG1, PG2 or the Research Drive Garage?

No. We reserve certain garages for patients and patients' families. As part of our efforts to provide superlative care for patients, we ask that you do not pull a daily ticket at these locations. These garages are enforced.

What are my alternatives to parking?

Duke offers robust options to get to work by bus, bike, and carpool / vanpool.

How can I use the bus to get to work?

Duke operates 9 free Duke Transit bus routes that service the Hospital and main campus. These routes are frequent, convenient, and run from early morning to late evening. You can see all the routes and schedules online and track our buses in real time via Transloc. A Transloc app is also available at your mobile device's store.

How do I get around if Duke Transit is not running?

Duke Vans provides transportation options when the buses stop running. From 6:30pm-2:00am, with last ride at 1:45am, Monday through Saturday, where/when Duke Transit is not in service. Duke Vans provides free, on-demand service inside defined campus boundaries. Our remote lots are INSIDE the boundary, and eligible for Van Service rides.

How can I ride my bike to work?

Full time bicycle commuters receive multiple benefits: access to showers, 3 free monthly parking passes, and plentiful bike parking. You can find potential bike routes using the Durham County Bike & Hike Map. It is easy to register as a full-time bicycle commuter.

What are my options if I want to carpool or vanpool?

Duke offers significant financial incentives for folks who carpool. In brief, the members of a two-person carpool split the cost of a permit and those in a three-person carpool each pay $7.25 per month. Three-member carpools may also choose from a list of priority lots.

We can also help you find a carpool or vanpool partner! Sign up for an account on Share the Ride NC using your Duke email, and it will match you with potential carpool partners. Your matches are restricted to the Duke Community.

Vanpool may also be an option.

How do I order a permit?

Visit My Parking Account.  You will need your Duke NetID and password to log in.

Getting on a Waitlist

If you wish to park in location where there is no current availability, you may place yourself on a waitlist, provided you are eligible to purchase a permit for that location. As spaces in a location become available, we offer them to waitlisted customers on a first-come first-served basis. You may choose to be added to up to two waitlists and indicate which is your priority.

If we offer you a permit for a location where you have been waitlisted, you will be removed from any other waitlists with a priority lower than the one you were offered. In other words, if you are on two waitlists and we offer you a permit for your lower priority waitlist, we will not remove you from the higher priority waitlist. Note that when you join a second waitlist, it becomes the high priority choice by default. You may adjust the priority of your waitlists online at any time. To add yourself to a waitlist, visit Manage My Parking Account and log in with your NetID.

Faculty, staff and students who leave Duke (and are no longer listed in the Duke directory) are removed from waitlists.