In February 2023, Duke introduced a program that provides subsidized parking permits for eligible Duke University and Duke University Health System staff and faculty to promote a more affordable and equitable environment for employees working on-site.

As part of the pilot program, Duke will subsidize up to $30 per month in parking permit fees for eligible employees.


Eligibility for the pilot program is based on the following criteria:

  • Base pay is $83,200 or less based on an annual work schedule of 30 or more hours per week (does not include overtime, premium pay, shift differentials, or other supplemental payments).  The subsidy threshold will increase to $86,500 for the Sept. 2024 payroll deductions.
  • Permit cost paid through payroll deduction only
  • Positions that are covered under a collective bargaining agreement will be addressed under the provision of the contract.
  • Exclusions: Affiliates, contractors, and visitors are not included in this program. Annual permits that are not location based or are funded in any way by departments are not eligible for a subsidy. Bryan Research Garage, Research Drive Garage reserved section, reserved spaces, daily passes, multi-day passes, and carpool permit participants are also not eligible for the subsidy program.


In order to implement this pilot program, eligible employees with existing permits must maintain current lot assignment until the next permit year (August), at which point request can be made for other available lots or garages.

Waitlist Management

  • Eligible employees who wish to park in a location where there is no availability can be added to a waitlist (Some locations do not have waitlist and are not available to park).
  • Available spaces will be offered to waitlisted customers on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Eligible employees can choose to be added to up to two waitlists and indicate which is the priority. To add be added to a waitlist, visit Manage My Parking Account and log in with NetID credentials.
  • Waitlists for remote lots, H lot, GC lot, Yellow Zone, Green Zone, and Campus Drive/Anderson Street lot will be managed monthly.
  • Waitlists for all other lots/garages will be managed in March and October based on infrequent turnover in those areas.