Alternative Transportation

Before you purchase a permit for your vehicle, please consider our many commuting options.

Duke faculty and staff who are paid through our payroll system are considered Duke employees. Most employees have their permit fees automatically withdrawn from their paychecks (payroll deduction).

If you are not eligible for payroll deduction and need an annual permit, you must complete a permit application, submit it to one of our locations, and pay by check or credit card. Alternatively, you may purchase an occasional permit.

New Employee Permits

Read about how to obtain your first Duke parking permit.

Permit Renewals

Read about how your permit is renewed.

About Payroll Deduction

If you pay for your permit via payroll deduction, the payment is made in arrears. The billable month for your permit runs from the 16th of the month through the 15th of the next. For example, the amount deducted from your December paycheck covers fees from Nov. 16 through Dec. 15. The annual parking cycle runs from August 16 to August 15.

Pay Schedule Changes

Occasionally, an employee's pay date schedule may change due to transfer to a new job or position reclassification.  If you receive your pay once a month and change to a bi-weekly pay schedule or vice versa, you must notify Parking and Transportation Services by writing so that your payroll deductions can be adjusted.  You will be responsible for all missed payments if you fail to notify PTS about the pay date schedule change. 

Returning Your Permit

If you no longer need your permit, return it to one of our offices or mail it to us. Until we receive your permit, payroll deductions will continue. (We process the return when we receive your permit, so mailing your permit will delay the process slightly.)

We do not issue refunds for returned permits that are payroll-deducted. To avoid being charged for the coming month, turn in your permit by the 15th of the previous month. For example, turn in your permit by November 15 to avoid having the monthly permit fee deducted from your December paycheck.

Accessible Parking

Read about accessible parking.