Manage Your Parking Online

To purchase permits, get on waitlists, pay citations and more, use our online service My Parking Account. If you have a Duke NetID, use it to access the site. If you don't have a NetID yet, log in as a guest.

Most employees, students, and departments and many contractors, vendors, and affiliates prefer annual permits.

    Available annual permits/facilities are listed below. Permits are based on facility availability, and in the case of students, residential status. Your annual permit is valid in most parking facilities after hours between 5pm and 6:59am, and all day Saturday and Sunday. During events, evening/weekend access to many facilities is restricted.

    For permit pricing, see Garages, Lots, & Fees.

    If the facility you'd like to park in is unavailable, you may be able to join a waitlist (waitlists are not available for all facilities). To join a waitlist, visit My Parking Account, log in with your NetID, and select Add/Edit Waitlists. You may join two waitlists maximum, and can change your waitlist choices at any time.


    The following permits are available to all faculty/staff and may be purchased online:

    Customer at Science Dr. Garage Office
    • Science Drive Garage - Corner of Science Dr. and Cameron Blvd./Hwy 751
    • Parking Garage 3  **Please Note:  Parking Garage 3 permits are still available, but unfortunately cannot be purchased online at this time.  Please visit one of our offices or call us at 919-684-7275 to purchase a PG3 permit immediately.  You may also request a permit by writing, but it will take several days for it to be mailed to you.

    The following permits are available only to faculty/staff who work in these locations. These permits are not available online. To purchase, contact us at or visit one of our locations.

    Graduate/professional students:


    Using Your Annual Permit

    In order to enter a gated facility, you need a valid permit. The following permit types (credentials) work with our system:

    • Annual permit hangtag - Hang the tag from your rearview mirror and approach the entry/exit gate slowly. The system will read your permit, check its validity for the location, day and time, and allow entry or deny entry based on those criteria. If the permit is valid, the gate will raise automatically.
    • Hangtag barcode - Scan the hangtag at an entry/exit gate.
    • DukeCard associated with an annual permit - If you don't have your permit, swipe your DukeCard to enter/exit.
    • Paper pass (PDF) with QR code - When you first purchase a permit, you may receive a receipt with a QR code that you will use until your hangtag arrives.

    Besides providing access to your assigned facility/facilities, your annual permit is valid weekdays from 5:00pm to 6:59am and all day Saturday and Sunday in most gated facilities. If you don't have an annual permit and would like night/weekend access to facilities, obtain an after-hours permit.