Share the Ride NC

Find other commuters who work near you and have a similar schedule.  And check out Share the Ride NC's new app!

We offer a carpool program with an array of incentives, including free and convenient parking for groups of 2 or 3 people. The program is open to all Duke staff, faculty, and students who have a vehicle and live off-campus.

As part of Duke's continuing effort to promote sustainable transportation, we offer a carpool program to all Duke staff, faculty, and students who have a vehicle, live off campus, and park on the East, West or main Durham Health System campuses. Carpoolers benefit from saving money, cutting emissions and reducing vehicle wear and tear.  And registered carpoolers receive monthly occasional parking benefits and access to a number of convenient facilities.

To change an existing carpool permit, contact the TDM (Transportation Demand Management) Program Manager at (919) 684-3070.

Pricing and Incentives

Depending on your affiliation with Duke, pricing and incentives vary.  

Staff, Faculty, Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Students

Happy we're carpooling

You may register as a two- or three-person carpool. Unless you register as a single-car carpool, each participant receives up to three daily parking passes per month for days they need to drive alone. Additional daily passes may be purchased as needed.  Carpool rates are increased annually.

Two (2) participants

  • Faculty and staff - Each pays half of the annual permit price for an eligible lot of choice
  • Graduate and professional students - Each pays half of the permit price of $258. 

Three (3) participants available after strict review of Participation Criteria

  • Undergraduate – Each pays $87/year. ONLY eligible for BLUE ZONE
    • Park in carpool-reserved spaces in the first lot on the left as you enter the Blue Zone.
  • Graduate and professional students - Each pays $87/year
  • Faculty and staff - Each pays $87/year

Carpool Lots

View a map of lot options and flexible spaces, which are available for any vehicle displaying a carpool permit (regardless of assigned lot). 

Undergraduate commuters - Blue Zone only

Graduate and professional students - Science Drive Garage and  Parking Garage 3 are the only choices for new carpools or renewing carpool that have changes from AY2023-2024.

Faculty and staff - Carpoolers (3 members) may select from the lots below. Two-person carpools may park in any assigned lot/zone, as long as one or both participants are eligible for that lot (waitlists apply). Lot availability is on a first come, first served basis.


Applying to Carpool

Before you apply for a carpool permit, please read our rules and regulations.  Next, find other commuters who work near you and have a similar schedule. Visit and create an account to search.

When you're ready to apply, do the following.

1. Select your preferred parking lot from the Carpool LotsNote: If you are a 2-person carpool applicant and have an active Duke parking permit, you can stay in that facility. Alternatively, you can apply to park in any lot you're eligible for (waitlists may apply).

2. Collect the following information from your carpool members:

  • Duke Unique ID number
  • Vehicle state and license plate number
  • Make, model, year and color of each vehicle

3. Designate one participant (the "captain") to complete the online application. We'll review the application and contact the captain within ten (10) business days to confirm details.

Receiving Your Permit

Depending on the type of carpool you're registered for, requirements for receiving your permit vary. Some permits require an in-person appointment -- we'll contact your captain to schedule. All pickups are during business hours at our Science Dr. Garage location.

  • Three person carpool - All members of the carpool must be present and show proof of vehicle ownership.  To be clear, three (3) vehicles MUST be included on the application and permit.

  • Two person carpool, more than one vehicle - Captain may pick up permit or request that it be mailed to the home address on file

  • Two person carpool, one vehicle only - Both participants must be present and show proof of vehicle ownership