A number of permit types are available to Duke departments, both for their own use and for their visitors. Duke's policy is to require approval before departmental funds may be used for parking purchases. Pricing varies by permit.

Annual Departmental Permits

To apply for an annual permit, complete an application. The following annual permits are available:

  • Reserved - Reserved permits allow the use of a specifically assigned and numbered parking space. While parked in the space, a vehicle must display the corresponding permit. The reserved permit is also valid in non-reserved spaces on campus, except on the West Campus Chapel Quad, in handicapped spaces or in spaces designated for service vehicles. They are not valid in hourly (metered) spaces.

Departments may request reserved spaces for departmental vehicles, service vehicles, and visitors. 

The following types of reserved permits are available:

    • RSD (reserved) - Provides use of a department's reserved space
    • RSDV (reserved visitor) - Provides use of a reserved space designated for a department's visitors
    • RSV (reserved service) - Provides use of a reserved space designated for a department's service vehicle
  • Duke Service (DUS) - This service permit must be associated with a specific Duke-owned/leased DU or DUMC numbered vehicle, and is not available to employees, students, contractors, or vendors. The DUS permit is valid in all designated service vehicle spaces. They are not valid in hourly (metered) spaces, handicapped, and reserved spaces. DUS permits must be purchased by fund code/IR.
  • Universal Access (UA) - This permit can be used with departmental vehicles or by employees who use their personal vehicles for work-related activities. UA permits are valid in all facilities/areas except:
    • Science Drive Garage visitor section
    • Research Drive Garage visitor and reserved sections
    • Allen lot
    • Reserved spaces (including carpool)
    • Service spaces
    • Handicap or AMB, AMS, AMR AND AMBR (any ambulatory space)
    • Loading zones
    • West Campus Chapel Quad
    • Valet lots
    • Visitor metered spaces