Vendor and Contractor Permits

  • Vendors delivering supplies and materials on campus are required to purchase a parking permit. Vehicles must park in marked spaces and may not park on curbs, sidewalks, landscape areas, fire lanes, handicap spaces, or block traffic.
  • Vendors that provide goods or repairs, and are on campus for more than two days in a five-day period, must purchase a permit to park on campus and to use loading zones. These permits may be purchased in advance by either vendors or associated departments.
  • Contractors performing repairs or surveys of utility (water, gas, sewer, phone, electricity) infrastructures are not required to purchase a parking permit if they have a visible logo displaying their company name and service on the vehicle.
  • Contractors that are on campus under contract to perform repairs or construction must request parking through PTS. Vehicles owned by the contractor or its employees that are found in violation of Duke parking policies will be subject to towing and fines.