Book A Ride with OnDemand - Pg 1
Book A Ride with OnDemand - Pg 2

To request a ride via TransLoc On Demand, open the TransLoc app:

  1. Navigate to the OnDemand tab
  2. Select the Duke Vans service that matches the current time. You will see what services are available. Dark grey areas are OUT OF SERVICE. The blue dots are our suggested, on-campus, pick-up and drop off locations
  3. To request a ride, you will need to confirm your pick-up and drop off location. There are 3 ways to set your pick-up and drop off locations.
    • You may type in the address.
    • You may select one of the pinned locations.
    • As long as the pick-up and drop off locations are valid locations, you may drop a pin to indicate your preferred pick-up and drop off location.  You may not request a ride to the edge of the boundary and walk the rest of the way. If we discover improper usage, we reserve the right to suspend your Duke Vans privileges.
  4. After selecting your pick-up location, enter your drop off location using one of the same 3 methods you used to set your pick-up location.
  5. Next, you will be asked to confirm your pick-up location. When selecting a pick-up location—you can get very specific. You may move the pin to reflect the EXACT location where you will meet the driver. You may move it across the street or close to the nearest building exit. If you move the pin too far, the system will let you know. Confirm the location, and your ride will be booked!