Duke offers incentives for driving eco-friendly vehicles, like providing charging stations across campus and preferential parking for qualifying low emission vehicles.


Vehicles must be plugged in and charging to utilize charging parking spaces.


Important! Charging vehicles by any means other than a charging station, including plugging an individual vehicle charger or other device into an electric outlet at any Duke facility, is prohibited and may result in a citation. 

Charging Station

Charging Stations

We offer charging stations in the following locations:

  • ChargePoint Level 2 stations - There are 26 J1772 connections available to ChargePoint registered users (see instructions below). Sessions are $0.75 per hour. We recommend that customers only charge for a maximum of four hours in order to allow other electric vehicle owners an opportunity to charge.
    • Science Drive Garage - A station is located on the ground level (visitor section, accessed via Thomas Center Drive). Six others are located on upper levels near the elevators. 
    • Research Drive Garage - A station is located in the reserved permit section (lower level).
    • Parking Garage 2 – One station is located on Level 3 (for visitors) and one station on Level 7 (for employees). Both stations are double-sided, to allow simultaneous charging of two vehicles.
    • Bryan Center lot - These two stations are for public use.  Sessions are $0.75 per hour.  A pay lot stub must be displayed on your vehicle dashboard when occupying these spaces. To use the stations, follow the instructions on the unit.
    • H Lot - One station with two connections is located in the H lot closest to the corner of Anderson St. and Yearby Ave.

ChargePoint Station Instructions

ChargePoint stations require that you are registered as a user. Registration is free.

Registering with ChargePoint

Sign up for a free ChargePoint account online or via the ChargePoint app.

  • If registering online, be sure to request a card through the mail. 
  • If registering via the app, call ChargePoint (888-758-4389, available 24 hrs/day) to finalize the registration process.

Using ChargePoint

To use a ChargePoint station, do the following:

  1. Tap In. To start charging, tap your ChargePoint card on the station. If you're using the app, be sure you're signed in, then do one of the following:
    • Tap your phone on the station.
    • Tap Start Charge in the app.

    The charging connector will unlock.

  2. Lift the Connector. On the station, push the button to lift the connector out of the holster.
  3. Plug In (and Check In). Plug the connector into your EV and press the blue button. Check your EV’s indicator to make sure it is charging (your EV may be equipped with a dashboard indicator light).
  4. Do Your Thing. Relax and go about your day. If you're using the app, you can view the charging status. If you have notifications set, ChargePoint will notify you when charging is complete. 
  5. Tap Out. When you return to your vehicle, tap your card or phone on the station, and push the blue button to end the session. The station will display the fee. If you've enabled the receipts option, ChargePoint will send you a receipt of your charging details.
  6. Unplug. Unplug the connector from your vehicle and replace it in the holster.

Low Emission Vehicles

Low Emission Vehicle Sign
A LEV sticker is required to use this space

The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy issues a comprehensive list of vehicles from model year 2000 to model year 2022 that have a "green score" of 40 and above in its rankings. We use this list to issue Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) stickers to Duke permit holders, so that they can take advantage of preferential parking spaces in Research Drive Garage and Science Drive Garage.

To request an LEV sticker, please visit one of our locations. Bring your vehicle registration or similar proof of ownership.