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Parking Fine Schedule

Parking Violations and Fines
Description Fine
Handicapped Parking Area/Access Aisle $250
Duke Handicapped/Ambulatory Space (AMR, AMS, AMB permits) $250
Fire Lane or Emergency Vehicle Access Area $225
No Permit/Expired Permit $50
Landscape/Sidewalk/Pedestrian Way (charges for repairs additional) $100
No Parking Area/Not Designated for Parking $100
Reserved Space $100
Visitor Space  $50
Service Space $50
Event Parking Violation $110
Expired Meter, PayByPhone Space or Pay Station Lot $30
Fraudulent Permit $200
Damage to Parking Equipment and Facilities $250 + Cost of damage incurred
Illegal Entry or Exit ("Tailgating") $200
Encroachment:  Parking Over Line into Other Spaces $100
Vehicle with Gas Engine in EV Charging Space; EV Parked but not Charging in EV Space $50
Restricted Drop Off/Pick Up Area for Taxi/Lyft/Uber $200
Towing Fee $150
Towing Approach Fee $50
Towing Relocation Fee $100
Towing Storage Fee  (NOTE:  After 30 days in Duke storage, vehicles are transferred to a contracted third party where additional fees may be applied.) $30 plus $5 each additional day (and other fees applied by third party contractors)
Bicycle Collection Fee $25
Scooter Collection Fee $50
Bicycle & Scooter Daily Impound Fee (Maximum $250 per month) $10