SERVICE ADJUSTMENT:  The Weekend Circulator service will not operate on home football game Saturdays.


Duke Transit provides van rides to and from local apartment complexes to two stops on Circuit Drive. On Saturdays, the van operates from 10:30am to 6:30pm.  After 6:30pm, Duke Van Services is available until 1:30am.  On Sundays, the service runs from 11:00am to 7:00pm.

You can take the van from your apartment development to campus, or return there from campus.  However, there are only two stops on Circuit Drive where you should wait for the van.

The van operates in a clockwise direction as shown on the map and makes brief stops at each apartment complex.  You can follow the progress of the van on TransLoc, under the name “CRC – Weekend Circulator”.  Look for the Weekend Circulator sign at a centrally-located pickup/drop-off area at your development.  Passengers should be aware that the vans have limited capacity, and masks are required.  The driver will take a half-hour break each day.

The Circulator does not have a stop-by-stop schedule.  Watch TransLoc to determine approximately when the van will arrive at your location.  It takes roughly 45 minutes for the van to complete one circuit of the map.

Duke LaSalle Loop Weekend Circulator Map