Waiting List Assignment Process

  • PTS maintains waiting lists of customers desiring to change the zone in which they park.  As spaces become available, they will be offered to those on the waiting list based on the date the customer entered the waiting list for that parking zone.
  • During renewal or waiting list signup customers are requested to prioritize their waiting list zones based on preference.  Upon being offered a space in a parking zone, the customer will be removed from the waiting list for that zone and for all lower priority zones, regardless of whether the customer accepts the space offered or not.
  • Effective August 15, 2005, customers may select up to two zones for waiting lists.  Customers on more than two waiting lists prior to August 15, 2005 may remain on more than two waiting lists, but cannot be placed on additional waiting lists totaling more than two.
  • Customers may not be placed on waiting lists for zones in which they are ineligible to purchase a permit.  Students and employees who, according to information from the Duke Enterprise Directory, have become former students or employees will be removed from waiting lists.  As Fuqua, Law, and Medicine student permit allocation is performed in conjunction with the respective school, Fuqua, Law, and Medicine students are ineligible for waiting lists.