Patient & Visitor Parking Frequently Asked Questions

The following are common questions related to using automated pay stations, which are in place at:
Bryan Center Pay Station

I lost my entry ticket. What should I do?

At a pay station, press Lost Ticket.  A charge will be applied for a lost ticket; $25 for lost tickets in Parking Garage 4, $12 in Science Drive Garage and $10 in Parking Garage 1, Parking Garage 2, Parking Garage 3 and Research Drive Garage.

I have a validation ticket. How should I use it?

At the pay station, insert your entry ticket. When the fee is displayed, insert the validation ticket as payment.

My validation ticket doesn't work, what should I do?

It's possible that it became demagnetized. An attendant may be able to provide you with a functioning ticket. If an attendant is not present, press the intercom ("i") to request assistance. 

I'm driving to the Medical Center in an RV.  Can I park on campus?

Parking for recreational vehicles is not offered on the University or Medical Center campuses.  There are several nearby RV parking facilities; please search for them with a web browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Microsoft Bing.

How much time do I have to exit the garage after I pay at the pay station?

You have 20 minutes to exit a garage from the time you pay at a pay station. If you exceed 20 minutes, you will be charged in the exit lane for the time exceeded.

What forms of payment are accepted at the pay stations?

Pay stations accept cash (bills and coins), all major credit cards, and debit cards. Validation tickets are also accepted as payment.

I'm bringing passengers on a bus to visit campus.  Where should I park the bus?

Buses may be parked at 200 Oregon St., located between Erwin Rd. and Pace St.  Overnight parking is prohibited.

Can I pay an attendant when I exit?

No, attendants are not present at exits. Keep your entry ticket with you, and before you return to your vehicle, use it to pay at a pay station. 

If I need help at a pay station, what should I do?

Press the intercom button (“i”). A customer service representative will assist you.

Are there other transportation options for patients and visitors?

Yes. Valet parking is available at Duke Hospital, Duke Clinic, Duke Eye Center and the Emergency Department for $9.00. Valet service is managed by Duke University Health System. Public transportation to Duke is available via GoDurham and GoTriangle.