• Duke graduate, undergraduate, and transfer students may request parking permits.  Eligibility will be based on classification and resident or commuter status.
  • Students who change their status (i.e., from Central to West, or East to Central) as a result of changing their residence, are responsible for contacting PTS to change their parking permit to the one appropriate for their residency status.
  • Students who were issued permits based on a particular status and change that status without notifying PTS may lose their privileges if their new residency does not qualify them for the permit that they currently hold.
  • Permits are issued based on availability with consideration given to location of residence.
  • All Student permits will be billed to the student’s bursar account. Student permits issued at the beginning of fall semester will be sold at the full annual rate.  Permits are prorated monthly.  Students must pay the total cost of a permit (full rate or prorated amount) before the permit will be issued.  Students will not be issued permits on a monthly basis.
  • Permit refunds will not be issued after December 31.
  • A parking permit may not be used by, or transferred to, another individual who is not a registered user of the permit.  Violators will lose parking privileges on campus.

Students returning from study abroad programs for the spring semester will have access to all residential or commuting permits available at that time.