• Members of the Board of Trustees of Duke University and Duke Medical Center will be issued "Trustee" permits and programmed gate access cards at the direction of the University Secretary for the duration of their six year term.
  • "Trustee" permits will be valid in any non-reserved space on campus.

GPSC, and DSG Presidents are eligible to receive one Universal Access permit per organization to conduct the business of their offices.

Parking for camps, conferences, and other large events must be coordinated through PTS.

  • Charges may be applied for the use of parking lots and for the appropriate permits.
  • The camp, conference, or event may be required to pay for or provide traffic and parking control.
  • Departments or individuals may not issue parking permits or give consent to park on campus without approval from PTS.
  • Failure to coordinate parking and traffic needs and obtain authority from PTS may result in fines and restrictions to parking facilities.
  • Requests for valet parking service may be made through PTS.
  • PTS may assign permit holders replacement parking during the period of construction in the most proximate lot/zone where space is available.
  • When space is limited every effort will be made so current permit holders will not be displaced in order to accommodate those whose parking is impacted or lost due to construction.
  • PTS may initially offer permits in new lots or zones first to those displaced by construction.
  • Remaining assignments may be made to employees and students working or residing in the immediate vicinity. Waiting lists may be used to ensure all spaces are assigned.

Criteria for Participation

  • The carpool must be each participant’s primary mode of transportation to Duke.
  • Each participant must own/ have access to a car and provide the associated vehicle registration.  If the vehicle is registered to someone else, proof of insurance must be submitted in lieu of registration.
  • The destination of each carpool participant must be a location on the Duke East, West or Duke Health System main campuses in Durham where a parking permit is required.
  • Carpool participants may not live in areas served by Duke Transit or services contracted by Duke PTS, namely LaSalle Loop.
  • After April 15 of the current permit year (which runs Aug. 16 to Aug. 15), new members may not be added to an existing carpool.
  • Carpool permits are valid for one year, after which all participants must reapply, based on the current carpool guidelines.
  • Carpool groups may be comprised of a combination of faculty, staff, and graduate/professional students OR all undergraduates. Undergraduates cannot join a carpool with staff, faculty or graduate/professional students.
  • Carpool members cannot maintain another active parking permit. All members must turn in their existing permits in order to join the carpool.
  • Carpool participants must be full-time employees or students.

Participant Responsibilities

  • Each participant is responsible for continued participation in the carpool and for contacting Duke PTS and returning all unused day permits if the carpool is no longer the primary transportation to and from Duke.
  • All non-conventional motorized vehicles operated on the Duke University campus must be registered and display a permit issued by Parking and Transportation Services. The vehicle model, color and serial number must be presented when registering the vehicle. The permit must be renewed and paid each year and displayed on the non-conventional motorized vehicle.
  • Parking of non-conventional motorized vehicles is limited to hard paved or gravel surfaces that do not block building entrances or accessible paths. They may not park in a designated parking space, in the roadway or in any tow-away zone as described by the Parking and Transportation Services policies.
  • Any non-conventional motorized vehicle that does not display a current permit or is parked illegally is subject to being ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. Fines for ticketing NMVs are the same as described for conventional vehicles on campus and will be assessed to the department or business to which the vehicle is registered.
  • Non-conventional motorized vehicles shall be used on the Duke University campus only for authorized University business with registration limited to University departments, contractors, or vendors. Registration and use of personal NMVs to individual students, faculty, or staff is expressly prohibited.