Visitor Permit Policies

3.8 Visitor Parking and Permits

Please note: The valet parking available at Duke Hospital, Duke Clinics, and the Emergency Department is managed by Duke University Health System Administration.

3.8.1 All visitors in zoned lots must display a Daily Visitor parking permit issued by PTS or provided by departmental authorized representatives.

3.8.1.a. Day passes for hourly-paid campus visitor areas are valid for one day each, within the date range specified in the scratch-off date portion of the day pass.   Day passes are non-refundable.  Unused day passes purchased by departments may be exchanged for new day passes upon reaching the final date possible on the day pass date range.  However, a maximum of 20 day passes may be exchanged per calendar year, so departments should purchase a quantity appropriate for use within the valid date range.

3.8.2 Campus departments, employees, or students who sponsor events on campus or invite visitors, are responsible for pre-arranging parking for their guests.  PTS has the right to refuse parking if the event or the number of guests severely impacts parking availability for permit holders.

3.8.3 Visitors must pay in advance of parking in metered spaces and/or pay station areas.  A current non-expired receipt must be displayed on the dashboard at all times when parked in pay station lots.

3.8.4 Employees and students are prohibited from using designated visitor spaces and areas designated for patients and visitors.

3.9 Pay Stations, Meters, and Parking Garage IV
Paystation at Bryan Center

3.9.1 Pay stations are located at the Science Drive visitor lot, Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Nasher Art Museum, Smith Warehouse and the Bryan Center.  Meters are located throughout campus.  Rates at pay stations and meters are $2 per hour. 

3.9.2 Any individual who parks in a pay station lot or at a meter must pay the appropriate fee for the time his or her vehicle is parked, including permit holders.

3.9.3 The maximum time allowed and hours of operation vary by location and are displayed on each meter and pay station.