Appeals Policies

6.1.1 Individuals issued parking violations and/or related fines may petition the penalty within fifteen calendar days of the date of the citation. Only appeals received within fifteen calendar days from the date of the violation will be reviewed.

6.1.2 Appeals must be submitted electronically by Duke faculty and staff.  On-line appeals are submitted at My Parking Account.  Once your appeal is reviewed by the Traffic Appeals Committee and a decision is rendered, you will receive an email notification of the result.

6.1.3 If you wish to present your appeal in person, it is the appellant's responsibility to schedule an appointment for an oral appeal.  Once you submit your appeal electronically, by fax (919-681-7746), or mail, you must email or call the PTS office (919-684-4947) during business hours, and speak with someone to schedule the appeal. Leaving a message is not an acceptable method of scheduling the appointment.  If you fail to appear at your scheduled time, the Traffic Appeals Committee will review your appeal without you present.

6.2 Appeal Rulings

6.2.1 Appeals will be reviewed by an Appeals Committee at a hearing where a decision will be determined based on the information available.

6.2.2 The decision reached by the Appeals Committee is final.  There is no re-appeal process.

6.2.3 Appellants will be notified by mail or email (as specified by the appellant) of the Committee's decision.

6.2.4 If a citation is upheld, collection procedures will be initiated immediately.

6.3 The Appeals Committee

6.3.1 The Appeals Committee is comprised of employees and students from the Duke Community.

6.3.2 A Committee Chair will preside over each meeting. In the event of a tie, the Chair will break the tie.

6.3.3 The Adjudications Officer will be present at each meeting to respond to any technical or policy questions. The Adjudication Officer is not a voting member.

6.4 General Guidelines for Appeals Decisions

6.4.1 Appeal decisions are based on the following considerations, however exceptions may be applied. A decision in an appeals case does not constitute precedence in future similar cases.

  1. Information and documentation provided by the appellant.
  2. Information provided by Parking and Transportation Services including the appellant's previous violation records.
  3. Parking and Transportation Services Policies, Rules, and Regulations.
  4. Information contained in the parking violation notice.
  5. The issuing officer's statement.

6.5 Outside Participation

6.5.1 Only the appellant may be present and participate in an oral appeal hearing.