Parking & Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Employee FAQs

My permit is for a surface lot. Is there any time I can park in a garage with my permit?

Yes. If you have a valid Duke permit, you can park in most facilities (including most garages) between 5pm and 6:59am weekdays and all day on weekends.

Several permits are valid in Parking Garage 1, Parking Garage 2, and Parking Garage 3 between 2:30pm – 9:00am on weekdays. They are:

  • H, R1, R2 - For staff who primarily work days but may have an occasional need to park in a garage during evenings/weekends
  • HEW - For staff working evening and/or weekend shifts
  • Mill
  • Parking Garage 3
  • Research Drive Garage

If you have one of the above permits and need to park between 9:00am and 2:30pm, you must park in your designated lot and use Duke Transit.

If you don't have a permit, a free night permit (NGT) is available. To obtain a permit, visit Duke FlexPort.

I have a permit for a parking facility, but when I visit Duke for a doctor's appointment, I'd rather park closer and pay the fee. Is that ok?

Yes, however, we encourage employees to park in their permitted facility even when visiting for an appointment. If you park at Parking Garage 1 (Trent Drive, serving Duke Clinic, Cancer Center and Duke Medical Pavilion) without a valid permit, you should remove your permit from your vehicle before arriving at the facility. Otherwise, the parking system will read your permit (even if stored in the glove box), indicate it is invalid, and prevent you from pulling a visitor ticket.

My pay schedule has changed from bi-weekly to monthly.  Should I contact Parking and Transportation Services?

Yes, please notify us if your pay date schedule changes by writing so that your payroll deductions can be adjusted. You will be responsible for all missed payments if you fail to notify PTS about the pay date schedule change.

How do I get a parking pass for one day?

Log into Duke FlexPort and select one of the Single Day permits.

Can I park in other lots during the summer?

Employees with annual permits (not NGT permits) may park in the Blue Zone and Duke University Road lots on West Campus or the East Campus lots (excluding Crowell) from the Monday after commencement (around May 15) to approximately August 15.

I have more questions. Who can I contact?

Use the search box above to search this site, or write

Student FAQs

I'm returning from studying abroad. Can I buy a parking permit?

Yes; read about available permits and visit Duke FlexPort to place your order.

Where should I park my car over winter break?

Park in a facility where your permit is valid. Be sure your permit is displayed.

I'm graduating. Can I get a refund for the permit I bought in the fall?

Yes. If you return your permit to us before Jan. 31, we'll issue a credit to your bursar account for the remaining value of the permit. 

How do I get a parking pass for one day?

Log into Duke FlexPort and select one of the Single Day permits.

Can I store my car on campus for the summer break?

More information is available here.


Patient & Visitor Parking FAQS

Patient & Visitor Parking Frequently Asked Questions