If you are contracted to provide services to Duke and are not faculty, staff, or a student, you may be eligible for an annual or short-term permit.

Annual Permits 

The following annual permits are available to Duke service providers who need to park on campus, subject to approval based on the functions they perform. 

  • Delivery (D) - For loading/unloading only, delivery permits grant access to gated facilities for thirty-minutes.  The permit fee is prorated on Feb. 16 every year to 50 percent of the annual rate.  No refunds are issued.
  • External Service (EXS) – We issue EXS permits with the written recommendation by designated contacts within Facilities Management & Design (FMD) and Medical Center Engineering & Operations (E&O). EXS permits are valid in all spaces, including designated service spaces. EXS permits are not available to Duke employees or students.
  • Universal Access (UA) - UA permits are valid in all facilities/areas except:
  • Science Drive Garage visitor section
  • Research Drive Garage visitor and reserved sections
  • Allen lot
  • Reserved spaces (including Carpool)
  • Service spaces
  • Handicap or AMB, AMS, AMR and AMBR (any ambulatory space)
  • Loading zones
  • West Campus Chapel Quad
  • Metered spaces
  • Valet lots
  • Facility/Zone Permit - If you need to park in a particular facility or area, we can issue the appropriate permit.

To purchase an annual permit, complete the application and do one of the following. We accept checks, credit cards, and Duke fund codes.

  • Mail the form to Duke Parking and Transportation Services, Box 90644, Durham, North Carolina 27708-0644
  • Bring the form to one of our locations

Short Term/Temporary Permits

For situations where an annual permit is not appropriate, contact us at tranpark@duke.edu or 919-684-7275.