FAQ: Parking Subsidy Program for Employees

Duke is introducing the subsidized parking program to provide additional financial support for employees making $83,200 or less to promote a more affordable and equitable environment for employees who are required to work on Duke’s main campus in Durham, N.C.

The annual pay threshold was chosen to be inclusive of the many essential service and clinical roles that are critical to supporting Duke’s operations on campus.

The $83,200 threshold includes base pay for employees who are regularly scheduled to work at least 30 hours/week per year. It does not include overtime, premium pay, shift differentials or other supplemental payments. 

The subsidy was based on approximately half of the average permit cost for employees making $83,200 or less per year. 

Eligibility will be assessed annually during the enrollment period for the new permit year that begins in August.

No, parking spaces will be allotted based on availability.

Yes, you can join up to two waitlists for most locations and identify a priority for the lot of first preference.

No, this program does not provide the subsidy or payments directly to individuals.

Current permit holders will be allowed change lots during the new annual enrollment period for the next permit year. This will occur in June and/or July.

Yes, changing parking lots is allowed is you change jobs/worksite on Duke’s campus. Contact Parking & Transportation to provide documentation of the change and inquire about available parking options.

The program is not expected have a substantive impact on Duke’s climate emissions. Since the pandemic, single-vehicle commuters at Duke have been reduced from 79 percent in 2020 to 28 percent in 2022 as more employees have transitioned to remote work. In addition, to promote broader adoption of alternative transportation, Duke will offer full-time registered bike commuters 3 free flexible parking passes per month a $30 value. Duke also plans to continue providing the GoPass program for GoTriangle and GoDurham when and if the current fare-free policy ends.

You can review your rate of pay and work schedule online via the Duke@Work self-service website.  After logging in, choose the "My Info" tab and then select "View Summary of my Personal Information" under the "My Profile" heading.

Your department Payroll or HR Representative is best able to answer your question regarding your hours and/or pay.

Duke employees earning an annualized base pay of $83,200 or less are eligible for the parking subsidy. Parking and Transportation does not have access to salary information, but the Parking and Transportation customer service representatives can confirm whether an employee is eligible for the subsidy program, which is based on other criteria. Call 919-684-PARK (7275) or email tranpark@duke.edu for more information.

This information is also on-line via the Duke@Work website under the “My Profile” tab.  If you are having difficulty navigating to the right spot on-line, the Human Resource Information Center at 919-684-5600 can assist you in identifying your departmental payroll contact.

Duke's parking and transportation system is large, complex, and dynamic. Duke invests millions of dollars to provide service to students, employees, visitors and patients each year. The revenue from permits helps ensure parking garages and lots are maintained and upgraded, and investments are made in technology to serve our community.

The monthly subsidy program is managed through payroll deduction for employees. Most students pay for parking on an annual basis as part of fees associated with their program of study. Duke has reduced parking permit rates for graduate students for the 2022-2023 academic year and is continuing to assess options for the future.