Motor Vehicle Storage Request

Long- and short-term vehicle storage is available in Duke parking facilities on a case-by-case basis for students, faculty and staff.  Storage fees apply.  To request storage, you must complete this form and submit it to Duke Parking and Transportation Services at least 15 days prior to leaving your vehicle on campus.

Any vehicle that is allowed to be stored in a campus parking facility must be properly registered, permitted, and insured.  Duke Parking and Transportation Services will instruct you where you are authorized to store your vehicle on campus.

Note:  Winter break is excluded from this regulation, as long as the student will be living in a campus residence spring semester after winter break.

Storage Fees

  • Vehicle Remaining in Facility Less than 30 Days $30
  • Vehicle Remaining in Facility More than 30 Days but Less than 60 Days $60
  • Vehicle Remaining in Facility More than 60 Days but Less than 90 Days $90


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