Intent to Purchase Durham Centre Parking Lot Permit

DCRI staff who intend to purchase a parking permit for the Durham Centre surface lot should complete this form.  

When parking gates are operational in the Durham Centre surface lot, everyone who parks there must purchase a parking permit for $53.25 each month. The permit cost will be deducted from benefits-eligible employees’ checks. If you intend to purchase a parking permit for this lot, please register all vehicles that you may drive to work and agree to the monthly permit cost deduction.

Authorization Code

Enter the authorization code provided by your building manager.

Personnel Information

Vehicle 1 Information

Vehicle 2 Information

Vehicle 3 Information

Payroll Deduction Authorization

I hereby authorize Duke University Parking and Transportation Services to deduct from my paycheck 1/12th of the annual cost of my assigned permit.  I authorize this monthly deduction for as long I have a Duke parking permit paid by means of payroll deduction.  If I leave Duke and fail to return my assigned permit, I will be financially responsible for the costs and fines associated with the permit until it is returned.  Permit refunds will be issued by payroll check on a regularly scheduled pay date.   Regular benefit eligible faculty and staff scheduled 20 hours or more per week will have parking fees deducted on a pretax basis.  Permit refunds will have taxes deducted.  Faculty and staff scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week are not eligible for payroll deduction.

Deductions will not begin until a permit is assigned to you.