Employee Parking Permits

  • Annual permits expire on August 15 for the year issued.
  • Employees may request a parking permit at any time during the year.  Employee permits are assigned based on availability. New employees must provide PTS with documents certifying their employment with Duke.  These individuals may request parking permits for unreserved parking spaces or lots closest to their primary work location.
  • Employees who have their permit fee paid through payroll deduction must return their permit upon termination of employment.  Individuals are responsible for the monthly payment until the parking permit is returned.  Payroll deductions will be stopped after receipt or return of the permit to PTS.
  • Employees on an unpaid leave of absence or faculty who take off-campus scholarly assignments may elect to retain their permit if it is paid in full through its expiration date.  Employees who are having their permit fees deducted through a monthly payroll may return the permit prior to the leave, or be responsible for monthly permit fees.  The employee may be reassigned parking based on availability when they return to Duke employment and reinstate their payroll deduction for parking fees.

Salaried Visiting, Clinical, Research, and Extension faculty are considered employees of the University.  Employee parking policies apply to these individuals.

  • Retired faculty may request an "Emeritus" permit if they wish to visit the University.  Verification of emeritus status is required at initial application.
  • A retired employee who returns to work in either part-time or full-time capacity must notify PTS and return his or her permit.  The individual must purchase a regular-priced employee permit to park on campus while working.
  • Individuals who falsify employment or compensation information are subject to suspended parking privileges. 
  • Unauthorized individuals may not use permits issued to retirees to park on campus.

Employees receiving paychecks monthly or biweekly for twelve months a year are eligible to have their monthly parking permit fee deducted from their paychecks.  If an individual leaves University or Medical Center employment, he or she is responsible for returning the permit to PTS.

  • Individuals employed in temporary positions through Duke Temporary Service (DTS) or other temporary agencies may request a parking permit.
  • Verification of employment, including duration of employment, may be required.
  • Payment must be for the full amount due on the parking permit.  Partial payments are not acceptable.  Payroll deduction is not permitted.
  • Individuals with short-term assignments can purchase permits on a monthly basis. The rate will be the same as the rate for a regular employee in that lot. Only certain lots will be open to temporary employees and availability will be determined by PTS at the time of purchase.

Individuals on campus employed by other agencies, including government or military agencies, are eligible for parking under the guidelines for employees, but are not eligible for payroll deduction of permit fees.

  • Adjunct faculty members are expected to purchase a permit if they require parking on campus.
  • Employee permit policies will apply to adjunct faculty.

Employees who live on campus in residence halls are eligible for a reserved parking space and payroll deduction for permit charges.

Full-time Housing employees who live on campus in residence halls are eligible for a reserved parking space and payroll deduction for permit charges