SWS: Swift Avenue Shuttle

This route is not in service.

Beginning January 8, 2020, the SWS will service Swift Avenue continuously from 8:00am - 11:54 pm.

The SWS route runs Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 11:54pand serves Swift Avenue, Alexander Avenue, and the West Campus bus stop at 14-minute intervals. 

SWS map v2

Times below represent arrival and departure times from major stops along the route

300 Swift - Depart Duke Univ Rd @ Swift Ave- Depart West Campus - Depart Alexander Ave @ Pace St - Depart 300 Swift - Arrive
13009 13013 12018 12057 13009
8:00am 8:02am 8:06am 8:08am 8:14am
8:17am 8:19am 8:23am 8:25am 8:31am
8:34am 8:36am 8:40am 8:42am 8:48am
8:51am 8:53am 8:57am 8:59am 9:05am
9:08am 9:10am 9:14am 9:16am 9:22am
9:25am 9:27am 9:31am 9:33am 9:39am
9:42am 9:44am 9:48am 9:50am 9:56am
9:59am 10:01am 10:05am 10:07am 10:13am
10:16am 10:18am 10:22am 10:24am 10:30am
10:33am 10:35am 10:39am 10:41am 10:47am
10:50am 10:52am 10:56am 10:58am 11:04am
11:07am 11:09am 11:13am 11:15am 11:21am
11:24am 11:26am 11:30am 11:32am 11:38am
11:41am 11:43am 11:47am 11:49am 11:55am
11:58am 12:00pm 12:04pm 12:06pm 12:12pm
12:15pm 12:17pm 12:21pm 12:23pm 12:29pm
12:32pm 12:34pm 12:38pm 12:40pm 12:46pm
12:49pm 12:51pm 12:55pm 12:57pm 1:03pm
1:06pm 1:08pm 1:12pm 1:14pm 1:20pm
1:23pm 1:25pm 1:29pm 1:31pm 1:37pm
1:40pm 1:42pm 1:46pm 1:48pm 1:54pm
1:57pm 1:59pm 2:03pm 2:05pm 2:11pm
2:14pm 2:16pm 2:20pm 2:22pm 2:28pm
2:31pm 2:33pm 2:37pm 2:39pm 2:45pm
2:48pm 2:50pm 2:54pm 2:56pm 3:02pm
3:05pm 3:07pm 3:11pm 3:13pm 3:19pm
3:22pm 3:24pm 3:28pm 3:30pm 3:36pm
3:39pm 3:41pm 3:45pm 3:47pm 3:53pm
3:56pm 3:58pm 4:02pm 4:04pm 4:10pm
4:13pm 4:15pm 4:19pm 4:21pm 4:27pm
4:30pm 4:32pm 4:36pm 4:38pm 4:44pm
4:47pm 4:49pm 4:53pm 4:55pm 5:01pm
5:04pm 5:06pm 5:10pm 5:12pm 5:18pm
5:21pm 5:23pm 5:27pm 5:29pm 5:35pm
5:38pm 5:40pm 5:44pm 5:46pm 5:52pm
6:00pm 6:02pm 6:06pm 6:08pm 6:14pm
6:17pm 6:19pm 6:23pm 6:25pm 6:31pm
6:34pm 6:36pm 6:40pm 6:42pm 6:48pm
6:51pm 6:53pm 6:57pm 6:59pm 7:05pm
7:08pm 7:10pm 7:14pm 7:16pm 7:22pm
7:25pm 7:27pm 7:31pm 7:33pm 7:39pm
7:42pm 7:44pm 7:48pm 7:50pm 7:56pm
7:59pm 8:01pm 8:05pm 8:07pm 8:13pm
8:16pm 8:18pm 8:22pm 8:24pm 8:30pm
8:33pm 8:35pm 8:39pm 8:41pm 8:47pm
8:50pm 8:52pm 8:56pm 8:58pm 9:04pm
9:07pm 9:09pm 9:13pm 9:15pm 9:21pm
9:24pm 9:26pm 9:30pm 9:32pm 9:38pm
9:41pm 9:43pm 9:47pm 9:49pm 9:55pm
9:58pm 10:00pm 10:04pm 10:06pm 10:12pm
10:15pm 10:17pm 10:21pm 10:23pm 10:29pm
10:32pm 10:34pm 10:38pm 10:40pm 10:46pm
10:49pm 10:51pm 10:55pm 10:57pm 11:03pm
11:06pm 11:08pm 11:12pm 11:14pm 11:20pm
11:23pm 11:25pm 11:29pm 11:31pm 11:37pm
11:40pm 11:42pm 11:46pm 11:48pm 11:54pm
Out of Service