PR1: Bassett-Research

The number of passengers on Duke buses is limited to 50% of capacity.  Face coverings are required at stops and on buses.

Winter Break 2020

Winter Break schedule begins Nov. 23.

Duke Transit will operate one bus on the PR1 route from Nov. 23 through Jan. 10.  There will be no PR1 service on Thursday, Nov. 26, Friday, Nov. 27, Thursday, Dec. 25, Friday, Dec. 26, Thursday, Dec. 31 and Friday Jan. 1.  Please note start and end time changes from normal schedule.

PR-1: Bassett-Research

The PR1 route runs Monday – Friday, 5:30am – 9:39pm and serves West Campus from the Grounds lot on Cameron Blvd./Hwy 751, Science Drive to the Bryan Center, and Circuit Drive to Research Drive and Entry 11 at the Duke Clinics every 25-30 minutes.

PR1 Map Rev 3-21-2020


PR1:  Bassett-Research Weekdays

Monday-Friday, 5:30am-9:34pm

Depart Outbound Inbound Arrive
Grounds Lot Science Dr Circle Circuit Dr at F.E.L. Bldg Research Dr @ Duke Clinic Circuit Dr at Circuit Lot Exit Grounds Lot
12001 12027 12093 12030 12092 12001
--- --- 5:30am 5:35am 5:40am 5:45am
5:46am --- 5:51am 5:56am 6:01am 6:06am
6:07am --- 6:12am 6:17am 6:22am 6:27am
6:28am --- 6:33am 6:38am 6:43am 6:48am
6:49am 6:56am 6:59am 7:04am 7:09am 7:14am
7:15am 7:22am 7:25am 7:30am 7:35am 7:40am
7:41am 7:48am 7:51am 7:56am 8:01am 8:06am
8:07am 8:14am 8:17am 8:22am 8:27am 8:32am
8:33am 8:40am 8:43am 8:48am 8:53am 8:58am
8:59am 9:06am 9:09am 9:14am 9:19am 9:24am
9:25am 9:32am 9:35am 9:40am 9:45am 9:50am
9:51am 9:58am 10:01am 10:06am 10:11am 10:16am
10:17am 10:24am 10:27am 10:32am 10:37am 10:42am
10:43am 10:50am 10:53am 10:58am 11:03am 11:08am
11:09am 11:16am 11:19am 11:24am 11:29am 11:34am
11:35am 11:42am 11:45am 11:50am 11:55am 12:00pm
12:01pm 12:08pm 12:11pm 12:16pm 12:21pm 12:26pm
12:27pm 12:34pm 12:37pm 12:42pm 12:47pm 12:52pm
12:53pm 1:00pm 1:03pm 1:08pm 1:13pm 1:18pm
1:19pm 1:26pm 1:29pm 1:34pm 1:39pm 1:44pm
1:45pm 1:52pm 1:55pm 2:00pm 2:05pm 2:10pm
2:11pm 2:18pm 2:21pm 2:26pm 2:31pm 2:36pm
2:37pm 2:44pm 2:47pm 2:52pm 2:57pm 3:02pm
3:03pm 3:10pm 3:13pm 3:18pm 3:23pm 3:28pm
3:29pm 3:36pm 3:39pm 3:44pm 3:49pm 3:54pm
3:55pm 4:02pm 4:05pm 4:10pm 4:15pm 4:20pm
4:21pm 4:28pm 4:31pm 4:36pm 4:41pm 4:46pm
4:47pm 4:54pm 4:57pm 5:02pm 5:07pm 5:12pm
5:13pm 5:20pm 5:23pm 5:28pm 5:33pm 5:38pm
5:39pm 5:46pm 5:49pm 5:54pm 5:59pm 6:04pm
6:05pm 6:12pm 6:15pm 6:20pm 6:25pm 6:30pm
6:31pm --- 6:36pm 6:41pm 6:46pm 6:51pm
6:52pm --- 6:57pm 7:02pm 7:07pm 7:12pm
7:13pm --- 7:18pm 7:23pm 7:28pm 7:33pm
7:34pm --- 7:39pm 7:44pm 7:49pm 7:54pm
7:55pm --- 8:00pm 8:05pm 8:10pm 8:15pm
8:16pm --- 8:21pm 8:26pm 8:31pm 8:36pm
8:37pm --- 8:42pm 8:47pm 8:52pm 8:57pm
8:58pm --- 9:03pm 9:08pm 9:13pm 9:18pm
9:19pm --- 9:24pm 9:29pm 9:34pm END OF SERVICE


PR1:  Bassett-Research Winter Break 

Monday-Friday, 7:00am-7:02pm

Depart Outbound Inbound Arrive
Grounds Lot Science Dr Circle Circuit Dr at F.E.L. Bldg Research Dr @ Duke Clinic Circuit Dr at Circuit Lot Exit Grounds Lot
12001 12027 12093 12030 12092 12001
7:00am 7:07am 7:10am 7:15am 7:20am 7:25am
7:27am 7:34am 7:37am 7:42am 7:47am 7:52am
7:54am 8:01am 8:04am 8:09am 8:14am 8:19am
8:21am 8:28am 8:31am 8:36am 8:41am 8:46am
8:48am 8:55am 8:58am 9:03am 9:08am 9:13am
9:15am 9:22am 9:25am 9:30am 9:35am 9:40am
9:42am 9:49am 9:52am 9:57am 10:02am 10:07am
10:09am 10:16am 10:19am 10:24am 10:29am 10:34am
10:36am 10:43am 10:46am 10:51am 10:56am 11:01am
11:03am 11:10am 11:13am 11:18am 11:23am 11:28am
11:30am 11:37am 11:40am 11:45am 11:50am 11:55am
11:57am 12:04pm 12:07pm 12:12pm 12:17pm 12:22pm
12:24pm 12:31pm 12:34pm 12:39pm 12:44pm 12:49pm
12:51pm 12:58pm 1:01pm 1:06pm 1:11pm 1:16pm
1:18pm 1:25pm 1:28pm 1:33pm 1:38pm 1:43pm
1:45pm 1:52pm 1:55pm 2:00pm 2:05pm 2:10pm
2:12pm 2:19pm 2:22pm 2:27pm 2:32pm 2:37pm
2:39pm 2:46pm 2:49pm 2:54pm 2:59pm 3:04pm
3:06pm 3:13pm 3:16pm 3:21pm 3:26pm 3:31pm
3:33pm 3:40pm 3:43pm 3:48pm 3:53pm 3:58pm
4:00pm 4:07pm 4:10pm 4:15pm 4:20pm 4:25pm
4:27pm 4:34pm 4:37pm 4:42pm 4:47pm 4:52pm
4:54pm 5:01pm 5:04pm 5:09pm 5:14pm 5:19pm
5:21pm 5:28pm 5:31pm 5:36pm 5:41pm 5:46pm
5:48pm 5:55pm 5:58pm 6:03pm 6:08pm 6:13pm
6:15pm 6:22pm 6:25pm 6:30pm 6:35pm 6:40pm
6:42pm 6:49pm 6:52pm 6:57pm 7:02pm END OF SERVICE