How the Lyft Rides Program Works

Lyft Duke Off-Campus Map
Duke Off-Campus Map
Notice: As of March 20th, 2020 the Lyft Rides program is on summer break. We look forward to resuming this innovate service for the fall 2020 semester.

  1. Duke Lemur Center: 3705 Erwin Road
  2. Duke Campus Farm: 4934 Friends School Rd
  3. Duke Forest Shepherd Nature Trail: NC-751 (students only)

Rides requested in the Lyft app will need a promo code and will be billed to the University. The rides must meet the following conditions:

  • The ride must begin on West Campus at the Bryan Center bus stop on Science Drive (2335+46 Durham, North Carolina) end at a designated location (listed above) or vice versa.  Passengers returning from the locations above will be dropped off at the Bryan Center bus stop on Science Drive.
  • Rides must be completed in the Lyft app using the promo code that is provided upon the rider accepting the Waiver and Release.  All passengers in the Lyft Ride Program vehicle must have accepted and signed the Waiver and Release.
  • The program operates Monday through Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. You will not be able to request a ride to/from the above locations outside of these times.
  • Guest requiring an accessible vehicle should contact Duke Transit at (919) 684-2218.

Get Started

  1. Get the App
    Download the Lyft app for iOS or Android. Already have the Lyft app? Go straight to step 3!
  2. Create Your Account
    Set up a Lyft account with your email address. You'll need to add a credit card to cover any tips to the driver.
  3. Submit Your Info
    Add the promo code to the 'Promos' section of the Lyft app. The credit will automatically apply to any rides taken to and from the above locations.