H6: Remote Lot-Hospital

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March 20, 2020 - The H6 Route is discontinued until further notice.


Year-Round Schedule

The H6:Remote Lot-Hospital route runs Monday – Friday from 6:10am to 8:17pm with a mid-day break between approximately 10:30am and 3:00pm. The route travels from the Best Products (R2 permit) lot on LaSalle Street to Research Drive and Duke Hospital.

The H6: Remote Lot-Hospital will stop at Duke Hospital front before 7:00am.

H6 Map

H6: Remote Lot-Hospital

Monday-Friday, 6:10am-8:17pm

Times below represent departure times from major stops along the route

Depart Inbound Outbound Arrive
Remote (H6) Lot Research Dr at LSRC Research Dr @ Duke Clinic Duke Hospital Loop Fulton St @ PGII Remote (H6) Lot
12113 12045 12030 12114 6104 12113
5:44am 5:50am 5:53am 5:55am 5:57am 6:07am
6:10am 6:16am 6:19am 6:21am 6:23am 6:33am
6:34am 6:40am 6:43am 6:45am 6:47am 6:57am
6:46am 6:52am 6:55am 6:57am 6:59am 7:09am
6:58am 7:04am 7:07am ----- 7:11am 7:21am
7:10am 7:16am 7:19am ----- 7:23am 7:33am
7:22am 7:28am 7:31am ----- 7:35am 7:45am
7:34am 7:40am 7:43am ----- 7:47am 7:57am
7:46am 7:52am 7:55am ----- 7:59am 8:09am
7:58am 8:04am 8:07am ----- 8:11am 8:21am
8:10am 8:16am 8:19am ----- 8:23am 8:33am
8:22am 8:28am 8:31am ----- 8:35am 8:45am
8:34am 8:40am 8:43am ----- 8:47am 8:57am
8:46am 8:52am 8:55am ----- 8:59am 9:09am
8:58am 9:04am 9:07am ----- 9:11am 9:21am
9:14am 9:20am 9:23am ----- 9:27am 9:37am
9:26am 9:32am 9:35am ----- 9:39am 9:49am
9:38am 9:44am 9:47am ----- 9:51am 10:01am
9:50am 9:56am 9:59am ----- 10:03am 10:13am
10:02am 10:08am 10:11am ----- 10:15am --
10:14am 10:20am 10:23am ----- 10:27am --
Mid-Day Service Break
---- 2:55pm 2:58pm ----- 3:02pm 3:12pm
---- 3:07pm 3:10pm ----- 3:14pm 3:24pm
3:13pm 3:19pm 3:22pm ----- 3:26pm 3:36pm
3:25pm 3:31pm 3:34pm ----- 3:38pm 3:48pm
3:37pm 3:43pm 3:46pm ----- 3:50pm 4:00pm
3:49pm 3:55pm 3:58pm ----- 4:02pm 4:12pm
4:01pm 4:07pm 4:10pm ----- 4:14pm 4:29pm
4:13pm 4:19pm 4:22pm ----- 4:26pm 4:36pm
4:30pm 4:36pm 4:39pm ----- 4:43pm 4:53pm
4:37pm 4:43pm 4:46pm ----- 4:50pm 5:00pm
4:54pm 5:00pm 5:03pm ----- 5:07pm 5:17pm
5:01pm 5:07pm 5:10pm ----- 5:14pm 5:24pm
5:18pm 5:24pm 5:27pm ----- 5:31pm 5:41pm
5:25pm 5:31pm 5:34pm ----- 5:38pm 5:53pm
5:54pm 6:00pm 6:03pm ----- 6:07pm 6:17pm
6:18pm 6:24pm 6:27pm ----- 6:31pm 6:41pm
6:42pm 6:48pm 6:51pm ----- 6:55pm 7:05pm
7:06pm 7:12pm 7:15pm ----- 7:19pm 7:29pm
7:30pm 7:36pm 7:39pm ----- 7:43pm 7:53pm
7:54pm 8:00pm 8:03pm   8:07pm 8:17pm
Out of Service

*NOTE: Highlighted cells represent times where a 5-minute driver break is being provided