H5: East-Broad-Erwin-Trent

The fall H5 route begins Monday, August 14, 2023
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Please, no eating or drinking on buses.  Masks are optional.  

H5: East-Broad-Erwin-Trent

The H5 operates on an abbreviated schedule with service from 7:15am to 9:30am and 4:15pm to 7:15pm.

Monday-Friday, 7:15am-9:30am; 4:15pm-7:15pm

The H5: Broad-Erwin connects East Campus to 705 Broad Street, the Erwin Mill Building, Erwin Square, Trent Hall, West Quadrangle, Duke Clinic, Duke Hospital, Hock Plaza, Lenox Baker, Center for Living, and the Dialysis Center.  The bus stop for this route is at the Washington Duke statue between the East and West Duke Buildings.

H5 Express Route Spring 2022

Times below represent departure times from major stops along the route

Depart Outbound Inbound Arrive
705 Broad St. Erwin Mill Trent Dr at Baker House WB Hock Plaza Dialysis Center Circuit Dr at F.E.L. Bldg EB Trent Dr at Duke Clinic EB Erwin Mill East Statue  705 Broad St.
12066 12064 5078 12075 12070 12093 5743 12055 12130 12066
7:15am 7:18am 7:25am 7:31am 7:38am 7:41am 7:48am 7:51am 7:56am 8:00am
8:00am 8:03am 8:10am 8:16am 8:23am 8:26am 8:33am 8:36am 8:41am 8:45am
8:45am 8:48am 8:55am 9:01am 9:08am 9:11am 9:18am 9:21am 9:26am 9:30am

No Service

4:15pm 4:18pm 4:25pm 4:31pm 4:38pm 4:41pm 4:48pm 4:51pm 4:56pm 5:00pm
5:00pm 5:03pm 5:10pm 5:16pm 5:23pm 5:26pm 5:33pm 5:36pm 5:41pm 5:45pm
5:45pm 5:48pm 5:55pm 6:01pm 6:08pm 6:11pm 6:18pm 6:21pm 6:26pm 6:30pm
6:30pm 6:33pm 6:40pm 6:46pm 6:53pm 6:56pm 7:03pm 7:06pm 7:11pm 7:15pm