H2: Hospital Loop

H2: Hospital Loop

Monday-Friday, 5:29am-9:27pm

The H2 Hospital Loop runs Monday-Friday, 5:29a.m.-9:27p.m. and serves Parking Garage 3, Duke Medicine Pavilion and the Cancer Center, and the H lot.

H2 Route Revised 3-20-2020v3

Times below represent departure times from major stops along the route

PG3 DMP Trent/Baker House Yearby at H Lot DMP PGII at Fulton & Elba PG3
12044 120105 5743 12049 12105 6104 12044
5:29am 5:37am 5:40am 5:46am 5:50am 5:54am 5:57am
5:59am 6:07am 6:10am 6:16am 6:20am 6:24am 6:27am
6:29am 6:37am 6:40am 6:46am 6:50am 6:54am 6:57am
6:59am 7:07am 7:10am 7:16am 7:20am 7:24am 7:27am
7:29am 7:37am 7:40am 7:46am 7:50am 7:54am 7:57am
7:59am 8:07am 8:10am 8:16am 8:20am 8:24am 8:27am
8:29am 8:37am 8:40am 8:46am 8:50am 8:54am 8:57am
8:59am 9:07am 9:10am 9:16am 9:20am 9:24am 9:27am
9:29am 9:37am 9:40am 9:46am 9:50am 9:54am 9:57am
9:59am 10:07am 10:10am 10:16am 10:20am 10:24am 10:27am
10:29am 10:37am 10:40am 10:46am 10:50am 10:54am 10:57am
10:59am 11:07am 11:10am 11:16am 11:20am 11:24am 11:27am
11:29am 11:37am 11:40am 11:46am 11:50am 11:54am 11:57am
11:59am 12:07pm 12:10pm 12:16pm 12:20pm 12:24pm 12:27pm
12:29pm 12:37pm 12:40pm 12:46pm 12:50pm 12:54pm 12:57pm
12:59pm 1:07pm 1:10pm 1:16pm 1:20pm 1:24pm 1:27pm
1:29pm 1:37pm 1:40pm 1:46pm 1:50pm 1:54pm 1:57pm
1:59pm 2:07pm 2:10pm 2:16pm 2:20pm 2:24pm 2:27pm
2:29pm 2:37pm 2:40pm 2:46pm 2:50pm 2:54pm 2:57pm
2:59pm 3:07pm 3:10pm 3:16pm 3:20pm 3:24pm 3:27pm
3:29pm 3:37pm 3:40pm 3:46pm 3:50pm 3:54pm 3:57pm
3:59pm 4:07pm 4:10pm 4:16pm 4:20pm 4:24pm 4:27pm
4:29pm 4:37pm 4:40pm 4:46pm 4:50pm 4:54pm 4:57pm
4:59pm 5:07pm 5:10pm 5:16pm 5:20pm 5:24pm 5:27pm
5:29pm 5:37pm 5:40pm 5:46pm 5:50pm 5:54pm 5:57pm
5:59pm 6:07pm 6:10pm 6:16pm 6:20pm 6:24pm 6:27pm
6:29pm 6:37pm 6:40pm 6:46pm 6:50pm 6:54pm 6:57pm
6:59pm 7:07pm 7:10pm 7:16pm 7:20pm 7:24pm 7:27pm
7:29pm 7:37pm 7:40pm 7:46pm 7:50pm 7:54pm 7:57pm
7:59pm 8:07pm 8:10pm 8:16pm 8:20pm 8:24pm 8:27pm
8:29pm 8:37pm 8:40pm 8:46pm 8:50pm 8:54pm 8:57pm
8:59pm 9:07pm 9:10pm 9:16pm 9:20pm 9:24pm 9:27pm