H1: Remote Health System Lots

Face coverings are required at stops and on buses.  Please, no eating or drinking on buses.

Spring H1: Remote Health System Lots transit route and schedule begins on Monday, January 9, 2023

The H1: Remote Health System buses will serve the R1/Hillsborough Road, H/GC lots, Trent Dr./Baker House and the Duke Medicine Pavilion/Cancer Center stops.  Parking Garage 3 is served by the H2 route. The bus stops at DMP have signs indicating they are for passengers awaiting H1 or H2 buses.  Please use the correct area to decrease wait times.

H1: Remote Health System Lots  

H1 Route Map Fall 2021

H1: Remote Health System Lots

Monday-Friday, 5:30am-9:16pm

Times below represent departure times from major stops along the route

15th St. at Hillsborough (Grey Stone) Yearby at GC/H Lot (Westbound) Trent Dr./Baker House (Westbound) Duke Medical Pavilion/Cancer Center Trent Dr./Baker House (Eastbound) H Lot (Eastbound) 15th St. at Hillsborough (Grey Stone Arrive)
12096 12049 5078 12105 5743 12132 12096
5:30am 5:38am 5:39am 5:40am -- -- 5:46am
5:36am 5:44am 5:45am 5:46am --   5:52am
5:42am 5:50am 5:51am 5:52am --   5:58am
5:48am 5:56am 5:57am 5:58am --   6:04am
5:54am 6:02am 6:03am 6:04am --   6:10am
6:00am 6:08am 6:09am 6:10am --   6:16am
6:06am 6:14am 6:15am 6:16am --   6:22am
6:12am 6:20am 6:21am 6:22am --   6:28am
6:18am 6:26am 6:27am 6:28am --   6:34am
6:24am 6:32am 6:33am 6:34am --   6:40am
6:30am 6:38am 6:39am 6:40am --   6:46am
6:36am 6:44am 6:45am 6:46am --   6:52am
6:42am 6:50am 6:51am 6:52am --   6:58am
6:48am 6:56am 6:57am 6:58am --   7:04am
6:54am 7:02am 7:03am 7:04am --   7:10am
7:00am 7:08am 7:09am 7:10am --   7:16am
7:06am 7:14am 7:15am 7:16am --   7:22am
7:12am 7:20am 7:21am 7:22am --   7:28am
7:18am 7:26am 7:27am 7:28am --   7:34am
7:24am 7:32am 7:33am 7:34am --   7:40am
7:30am 7:38am 7:39am 7:40am --   7:46am
7:36am 7:44am 7:45am 7:46am --   7:52am
7:42am 7:50am 7:51am 7:52am --   7:58am
7:48am 7:56am 7:57am 7:58am --   8:04am
7:54am 8:02am 8:03am 8:04am --   8:10am
8:00am 8:08am 8:09am 8:10am --   8:16am
8:06am 8:14am 8:15am 8:16am --   8:22am
8:12am 8:20am 8:21am 8:22am --   8:28am
8:18am 8:26am 8:27am 8:28am --   8:34am
8:24am 8:32am 8:33am 8:34am --   8:40am
8:30am 8:38am 8:39am 8:40am --   8:46am
8:36am 8:44am 8:45am 8:46am --   8:52am
8:42am 8:50am 8:51am 8:52am --   8:58am
8:48am 8:56am 8:57am 8:58am --   9:04am
8:54am 9:02am 9:03am 9:04am --   9:10am
9:00am 9:08am 9:09am 9:10am --   9:16am
9:06am 9:14am 9:15am 9:16am --   9:22am
9:12am 9:20am 9:21am 9:22am --   9:28am
9:18am 9:26am 9:27am 9:28am --   9:34am
9:24am 9:32am 9:33am 9:34am --   9:40am
9:30am 9:38am 9:39am 9:40am --   9:46am
9:36am 9:44am 9:45am 9:46am --   9:52am
9:42am 9:50am 9:51am 9:52am --   9:58am
9:48am 9:56am 9:57am 9:58am --   10:04am
9:54am 10:02am 10:03am 10:04am --   10:10am
10:00am 10:08am 10:09am 10:10am --   10:16am
10:06am 10:14am 10:15am 10:16am --   10:22am
10:12am 10:20am 10:21am 10:22am --   10:28am
10:18am 10:26am 10:27am 10:28am --   10:34am
10:24am 10:32am 10:33am 10:34am --   10:40am
10:30am 10:38am 10:39am 10:40am --   10:46am
10:36am 10:44am 10:45am 10:46am --   10:52am
10:42am 10:50am 10:51am 10:52am --   10:58am
10:48am 10:56am 10:57am 10:58am --   11:04am
10:54am 11:02am 11:03am 11:04am --   11:10am
11:00am 11:08am 11:09am 11:10am --   11:16am
11:06am 11:14am 11:15am 11:16am --   11:22am
11:12am 11:20am 11:21am 11:22am --   11:28am
11:30am 11:38am 11:39am 11:40am --   11:46am
11:48am 11:56am 11:57am 11:58am 11:59am 12:00pm 12:05pm
12:06pm 12:14pm 12:15pm 12:16pm 12:17pm 12:18pm 12:23pm
12:24pm 12:32pm 12:33pm 12:34pm 12:35pm 12:36pm 12:41pm
12:42pm 12:50pm 12:51pm 12:52pm 12:53pm 12:54pm 12:59pm
1:00pm 1:08pm 1:09pm 1:10pm 1:11pm 1:12pm 1:17pm
1:18pm 1:26pm 1:27pm 1:28pm 1:29pm 1:30pm 1:35pm
1:36pm 1:44pm 1:45pm 1:46pm 1:47pm 1:48pm 1:53pm
1:54pm 2:02pm 2:03pm 2:04pm 2:05pm 2:06pm 2:11pm
2:12pm 2:20pm 2:21pm 2:22pm 2:23pm 2:24pm 2:29pm
2:30pm 2:38pm 2:39pm 2:40pm 2:41pm 2:42pm 2:47pm
2:36pm -- -- 2:45pm 2:46pm 2:47pm 2:52pm
2:42pm   -- 2:51pm 2:52pm 2:53pm 2:58pm
2:48pm   -- 2:57pm 2:58pm 2:59pm 3:04pm
2:54pm   -- 3:03pm 3:04pm 3:05pm 3:10pm
3:00pm   -- 3:09pm 3:10pm 3:11pm 3:16pm
3:06pm   -- 3:15pm 3:16pm 3:17pm 3:22pm
3:12pm   -- 3:21pm 3:22pm 3:23pm 3:28pm
3:18pm   -- 3:27pm 3:28pm 3:29pm 3:34pm
3:24pm   -- 3:33pm 3:34pm 3:35pm 3:40pm
3:30pm   -- 3:39pm 3:40pm 3:41pm 3:46pm
3:36pm   -- 3:45pm 3:46pm 3:47pm 3:52pm
3:42pm   -- 3:51pm 3:52pm 3:53pm 3:58pm
3:48pm   -- 3:57pm 3:58pm 3:59pm 4:04pm
3:54pm   -- 4:03pm 4:04pm 4:05pm 4:10pm
4:00pm   -- 4:09pm 4:10pm 4:11pm 4:16pm
4:06pm   -- 4:15pm 4:16pm 4:17pm 4:22pm
4:12pm   -- 4:21pm 4:22pm 4:23pm 4:28pm
4:18pm   -- 4:27pm 4:28pm 4:29pm 4:34pm
4:24pm   -- 4:33pm 4:34pm 4:35pm 4:40pm
4:30pm   -- 4:39pm 4:40pm 4:41pm 4:46pm
4:36pm   -- 4:45pm 4:46pm 4:47pm 4:52pm
4:42pm   -- 4:51pm 4:52pm 4:53pm 4:58pm
4:48pm   -- 4:57pm 4:58pm 4:59pm 5:04pm
4:54pm   -- 5:03pm 5:04pm 5:05pm 5:10pm
5:00pm   -- 5:09pm 5:10pm 5:11pm 5:16pm
5:06pm   -- 5:15pm 5:16pm 5:17pm 5:22pm
5:12pm   -- 5:21pm 5:22pm 5:23pm 5:28pm
5:18pm   -- 5:27pm 5:28pm 5:29pm 5:34pm
5:24pm   -- 5:33pm 5:34pm 5:35pm 5:40pm
5:30pm   -- 5:39pm 5:40pm 5:41pm 5:46pm
5:36pm   -- 5:45pm 5:46pm 5:47pm 5:52pm
5:42pm   -- 5:51pm 5:52pm 5:53pm 5:58pm
5:48pm   -- 5:57pm 5:58pm 5:59pm 6:04pm
5:54pm   -- 6:03pm 6:04pm 6:05pm 6:10pm
6:00pm   -- 6:09pm 6:10pm 6:11pm 6:16pm
6:06pm   -- 6:15pm 6:16pm 6:17pm 6:22pm
6:12pm   -- 6:21pm 6:22pm 6:23pm 6:28pm
6:18pm   -- 6:27pm 6:28pm 6:29pm 6:34pm
6:24pm   -- 6:33pm 6:34pm 6:35pm 6:40pm
6:30pm   -- 6:39pm 6:40pm 6:41pm 6:46pm
6:36pm   -- 6:45pm 6:46pm 6:47pm 6:52pm
6:42pm   -- 6:51pm 6:52pm 6:53pm 6:58pm
6:48pm   -- 6:57pm 6:58pm 6:59pm 7:04pm
6:54pm   -- 7:03pm 7:04pm 7:05pm 7:10pm
7:00pm   -- 7:09pm 7:10pm 7:11pm 7:16pm
7:06pm   -- 7:15pm 7:16pm 7:17pm 7:22pm
7:12pm   -- 7:21pm 7:22pm 7:23pm 7:28pm
7:18pm   -- 7:27pm 7:28pm 7:29pm 7:34pm
7:24pm   -- 7:33pm 7:34pm 7:35pm 7:40pm
7:30pm   -- 7:39pm 7:40pm 7:41pm 7:46pm
7:36pm   -- 7:45pm 7:46pm 7:47pm 7:52pm
7:42pm   -- 7:51pm 7:52pm 7:53pm 7:58pm
7:48pm   -- 7:57pm 7:58pm 7:59pm 8:04pm
7:54pm   -- 8:03pm 8:04pm 8:05pm 8:10pm
8:00pm   -- 8:09pm 8:10pm 8:11pm 8:16pm
8:06pm   -- 8:15pm 8:16pm 8:17pm 8:22pm
8:12pm   -- 8:21pm 8:22pm 8:23pm 8:28pm
8:18pm   -- 8:27pm 8:28pm 8:29pm 8:34pm
8:24pm   -- 8:33pm 8:34pm 8:35pm 8:40pm
8:36pm   -- 8:45pm 8:46pm 8:47pm 8:52pm
8:42pm   -- 8:51pm 8:52pm 8:53pm 8:58pm
8:54pm   -- 9:03pm 9:04pm 9:05pm 9:10pm
9:00pm   -- 9:09pm 9:10pm 9:11pm 9:16pm