Buses & Vans Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to ride Duke Transit buses

The service is free, and may be used by all faculty, staff, students, patients, and visitors.

I have a class on Science Drive.  Which buses will take me there? 

Our bus route maps and schedules can be found at parking.duke.edu/buses

When is my bus going to arrive? 

You can check the location of all buses in real time at https://duke.transloc.com or by downloading the Transloc app from your phone’s app store.

Do you operate buses on holidays? 

We have limited bus service on some University holidays.  Look for service adjustments on the PTS website homepage and on TransLoc.

Can my dog ride the bus with me?  

Pets are prohibited, except for service animals such as guide dogs. 

Does Duke Transit provide shuttle service to RDU Airport?

No. Many commercial cab and ride share companies are available. 

How do I schedule a ride on Duke Vans? 

When Duke Transit buses are not running, request a ride through the TransLoc OnDemand app, available through the Apple App Store or Google Play.  You can also access TransLoc on the DukeMobile app.

Can Duke Vans take me to my apartment?  

Check the service boundary map.