Duke Downtown Shuttle Pilot

NOTICE:  Beginning Thursday, Nov. 1, the Duke Downtown Shuttle will utilize the permanent bus stop located on Morris Street at the Imperial Building as shown on TransLoc and the map below. Roadway construction on Morris Street is complete and the temporary shuttle stop on Morgan Street will be removed.

Duke offers a pilot shuttle that provides service between the University and Health System and downtown Durham destinations. Two shuttles run from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. The shuttle will pick up and drop off at each stop every 23 minutes. There is no charge to ride.

  • DukeCard ID required for all passengers
  • Operates from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday – Friday
  • Track in real time with Duke Transloc (“Shuttle: Downtown Pilot”)
  • Free WiFi is available on the buses
  • Serviced by two 36-passenger shuttles operated by Carolina Livery
  • For ADA shuttle assistance prior to December 1, please call the following number:  919-597-1487 
Duke Downtown Shuttle

Duke Downtown Shuttle

North Pavilion Research Dr. & Circuit Dr. Research Dr. at CIEMAS Duke Clinics - Research Circle Duke Hospital at Erwin Rd. Chesterfield Bldg Imperial Bldg ATC
---- ---- ---- ---- 7:01am 7:09am 7:14am 7:16am
7:01am 7:09am 7:11am 7:13am 7:18am 7:26am 7:31am 7:33am
7:24am 7:32am 7:34am 7:36am 7:41am 7:49am 7:54am 7:56am
7:41am 7:49am 7:51am 7:53am 7:58am 8:06am 8:11am 8:13am
8:04am 8:12am 8:14am 8:16am 8:21am 8:29am 8:34am 8:36am
8:21am 8:29am 8:31am 8:33am 8:38am 8:46am 8:51am 8:53am
8:44am 8:52am 8:54am 8:56am 9:01am 9:09am 9:14am 9:16am
9:01am 9:09am 9:11am 9:13am 9:18am 9:26am 9:31am 9:33am
9:24am 9:32am 9:34am 9:36am 9:41am 9:49am 9:54am 9:56am
9:41am 9:49am 9:51am 9:53am 9:58am 10:06am 10:11am 10:13am
10:04am 10:12am 10:14am 10:16am 10:21am 10:29am 10:34am 10:36am
10:21am 10:29am 10:31am 10:33am 10:38am 10:46am 10:51am 10:53am
10:44am 10:52am 10:54am 10:56am 11:01am 11:09am 11:14am 11:16am
11:01am 11:09am 11:11am 11:13am 11:18am 11:26am 11:31am 11:33am
11:24am 11:32am 11:34am 11:36am 11:41am 11:49am 11:54am 11:56am
11:41am 11:49am 11:51am 11:53am 11:58am 12:06pm 12:11pm 12:13pm
12:04pm 12:12pm 12:14pm 12:16pm 12:21pm 12:29pm 12:34pm 12:36pm
12:21pm 12:29pm 12:31pm 12:33pm 12:38pm 12:46pm 12:51pm 12:53pm
12:44pm 12:52pm 12:54pm 12:56pm 1:01pm 1:09pm 1:14pm 1:16pm
1:01pm 1:09pm 1:11pm 1:13pm 1:18pm 1:26pm 1:31pm 1:33pm
1:24pm 1:32pm 1:34pm 1:36pm 1:41pm 1:49pm 1:54pm 1:56pm
1:41pm 1:49pm 1:51pm 1:53pm 1:58pm 2:06pm 2:11pm 2:13pm
2:04pm 2:12pm 2:14pm 2:16pm 2:21pm 2:29pm 2:34pm 2:36pm
2:21pm 2:29pm 2:31pm 2:33pm 2:38pm 2:46pm 2:51pm 2:53pm
2:44pm 2:52pm 2:54pm 2:56pm 3:01pm 3:09pm 3:14pm 3:16pm
3:01pm 3:09pm 3:11pm 3:13pm 3:18pm 3:26pm 3:31pm 3:33pm
3:24pm 3:32pm 3:34pm 3:36pm 3:41pm 3:49pm 3:54pm 3:56pm
3:41pm 3:49pm 3:51pm 3:53pm 3:58pm 4:06pm 4:11pm 4:13pm
4:04pm 4:12pm 4:14pm 4:16pm 4:21pm 4:29pm 4:34pm 4:36pm
4:21pm 4:29pm 4:31pm 4:33pm 4:38pm 4:46pm 4:51pm 4:53pm
4:44pm 4:52pm 4:54pm 4:56pm 5:01pm 5:09pm 5:14pm 5:16pm
5:01pm 5:09pm 5:11pm 5:13pm 5:18pm 5:26pm 5:31pm 5:33pm
5:24pm 5:32pm 5:34pm 5:36pm 5:41pm 5:49pm 5:54pm 5:56pm
5:41pm 5:49pm 5:51pm 5:53pm 5:58pm ---- ---- ----
6:04pm ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ----

Refer questions to tranpark@duke.edu.