C1X: East-West Express

Fall/Spring Schedule

Beginning Jan. 8, 2020, the C1X will pick up and drop off passengers at the intersection of Swift Avenue and Campus Drive.

During the fall and spring semesters, C1: East-West Express provides service between East and West Campuses at approximately 7-minute intervals, conditions permitting.  The route begins and ends on East Campus and operates one bus every 7 minutes from East to West Campuses from 8:02 a.m. to 4:59 p.m., Monday through Friday.

View the route blow and follow onTransloc.

C1X Spring 2020 Map

    C1X: East-West Weekdays

    Monday-Friday, 8:02am-4:59pm


    Arrive Depart Arrive Depart
    East Campus Quad West Campus Chapel
    12003 12018
    --- 8:02am 8:09am 8:12am
    8:19am 8:22am 8:29am 8:32am
    8:39am 8:42am 8:49am 8:52am
    8:59am 9:02am 9:09am 9:12am
    9:19am 9:22am 9:29am 9:32am
    9:39am 9:42am 9:49am 9:52am
    9:59am 10:02am 10:09am 10:12am
    10:19am 10:22am 10:29am 10:32am
    10:39am 10:42am 10:49am 10:52am
    10:59am 11:02am 11:09am 11:12am
    11:19am 11:22am 11:29am 11:32am
    11:39am 11:42am 11:49am 11:52am
    11:59am 12:02pm 12:09pm 12:12pm
    12:19pm 12:22pm 12:29pm 12:32pm
    12:39pm 12:42pm 12:49pm 12:52pm
    12:59pm 1:02pm 1:09pm 1:12pm
    1:19pm 1:22pm 1:29pm 1:32pm
    1:39pm 1:42pm 1:49pm 1:52pm
    1:59pm 2:02pm 2:09pm 2:12pm
    2:19pm 2:22pm 2:29pm 2:32pm
    2:39pm 2:42pm 2:49pm 2:52pm
    2:59pm 3:02pm 3:09pm 3:12pm
    3:19pm 3:22pm 3:29pm 3:32pm
    3:39pm 3:42pm 3:49pm 3:52pm
    3:59pm 4:02pm 4:09pm 4:12pm
    4:19pm 4:22pm 4:29pm 4:32pm
    4:39pm 4:42pm 4:49pm 4:52pm
    4:59pm Out of Service