C1S: East-West-Smith Warehouse


C1S: East-West-Smith Warehouse fall schedule begins Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Fall/Spring Schedule

The C1S route runs Monday – Friday, 7:10am – 6:30pm during the academic year and serves Campus Drive in both directions at 20-minute intervals, with service to Smith Warehouse along Maxwell Avenue as the bus returns from West Campus.


C1S Map Summer 2019


C1S: East-West-Smith Warehouse

Monday-Friday, 7:15am-9:02pm

Times below represent arrival and departure times from major stops along the route

East Campus Quad - Depart West Campus - Arrive West Campus - Depart Smith Warehouse - Depart East Campus Quad - Arrive
12003 12018 12018 12077 12003
7:10am 7:17am 7:20am 7:27am 7:30am
7:30am 7:37am 7:40am 7:47am 7:50am
7:50am 7:57am 8:00am 8:07am 8:10am
8:10am 8:17am 8:20am 8:27am 8:30am
8:30am 8:37am 8:40am 8:47am 8:50am
8:50am 8:57am 9:00am 9:07am 9:10am
9:10am 9:17am 9:20am 9:27am 9:30am
9:30am 9:37am 9:40am 9:47am 9:50am
9:50am 9:57am 10:00am 10:07am 10:10am
10:10am 10:17am 10:20am 10:27am 10:30am
10:30am 10:37am 10:40am 10:47am 10:50am
10:50am 10:57am 11:00am 11:07am 11:10am
11:10am 11:17am 11:20am 11:27am 11:30am
11:30am 11:37am 11:40am 11:47am 11:50am
11:50am 11:57am 12:00pm 12:07pm 12:10pm
12:10pm 12:17pm 12:20pm 12:27pm 12:30pm
12:30pm 12:37pm 12:40pm 12:47pm 12:50pm
12:50pm 12:57pm 1:00pm 1:07pm 1:10pm
1:10pm 1:17pm 1:20pm 1:27pm 1:30pm
1:30pm 1:37pm 1:40pm 1:47pm 1:50pm
1:50pm 1:57pm 2:00pm 2:07pm 2:10pm
2:10pm 2:17pm 2:20pm 2:27pm 2:30pm
2:30pm 2:37pm 2:40pm 2:47pm 2:50pm
2:50pm 2:57pm 3:00pm 3:07pm 3:10pm
3:10pm 3:17pm 3:20pm 3:27pm 3:30pm
3:30pm 3:37pm 3:40pm 3:47pm 3:50pm
3:50pm 3:57pm 4:00pm 4:07pm 4:10pm
4:10pm 4:17pm 4:20pm 4:27pm 4:30pm
4:30pm 4:37pm 4:40pm 4:47pm 4:50pm
4:50pm 4:57pm 5:00pm 5:07pm 5:10pm
5:10pm 5:17pm 5:20pm 5:27pm 5:30pm
5:30pm 5:37pm 5:40pm 5:47pm 5:50pm
5:50pm 5:57pm 6:00pm 6:07pm 6:10pm
6:10pm 6:17pm 6:20pm 6:27pm 6:30pm
Out of Service