C1: East-West

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The Fall C-1 weekend route begins Monday, August 14, 2023.

Please, no eating or drinking on buses.  Masks are optional

To avoid overcrowding on the C-1, you may want to consider taking an earlier bus instead of the last buses before class periods begin. 

Fall 2023 Schedule

During the fall term, C1: East-West provides service between East and West Campuses at 10-minute intervals to all stops along Campus Drive. The route may be modified due to construction.

Please note the buses leave West Campus the last time at 12:10am Monday through Friday.  The East-West stops are served by the C-Swift buses on Saturday and Sunday.

C1 East-West Bus Route

Fall 2023 C1: East-West Weekdays

Monday-Friday, 7:00am-12:17am

12003 12018 12018 12003
7:00am 7:07am 7:10am 7:17am
7:10am 7:17am 7:20am 7:27am
7:20am 7:27am 7:30am 7:37am
7:30am 7:37am 7:40am 7:47am
7:40am 7:47am 7:50am 7:57am
7:50am 7:57am 8:00am 8:07am
8:00am 8:07am 8:10am 8:17am
8:05am 8:12am 8:15am 8:22am
8:10am 8:17am 8:20am 8:27am
8:15am 8:22am 8:25am 8:32am
8:20am 8:27am 8:30am 8:37am
8:25am 8:32am 8:35am 8:42am
8:30am 8:37am 8:40am 8:47am
8:35am 8:42am 8:45am 8:52am
8:40am 8:47am 8:50am 8:57am
8:45am 8:52am 8:55am 9:02am
8:50am 8:57am 9:00am 9:07am
8:55am 9:02am 9:05am 9:12am
9:00am 9:07am 9:10am 9:17am
9:04am 9:11am 9:14am 9:21am
9:08am 9:15am 9:18am 9:25am
9:12am 9:19am 9:22am 9:29am
9:16am 9:23am 9:26am 9:33am
9:20am 9:27am 9:30am 9:37am
9:24am 9:31am 9:34am 9:41am
9:28am 9:35am 9:38am 9:45am
9:32am 9:39am 9:42am 9:49am
9:36am 9:43am 9:46am 9:53am
9:40am 9:47am 9:50am 9:57am
9:44am 9:51am 9:54am 10:01am
9:48am 9:55am 9:58am 10:05am
9:52am 9:59am 10:02am 10:09am
9:56am 10:03am 10:06am 10:13am
10:00am 10:07am 10:10am 10:17am
10:04am 10:11am 10:14am 10:21am
10:08am 10:15am 10:18am 10:25am
10:12am 10:19am 10:22am 10:29am
10:16am 10:23am 10:26am 10:33am
10:20am 10:27am 10:30am 10:37am
10:24am 10:31am 10:34am 10:41am
10:28am 10:35am 10:38am 10:45am
10:32am 10:39am 10:42am 10:49am
10:36am 10:43am 10:46am 10:53am
10:40am 10:47am 10:50am 10:57am
10:44am 10:51am 10:54am 11:01am
10:48am 10:55am 10:58am 11:05am
10:52am 10:59am 11:02am 11:09am
10:56am 11:03am 11:06am 11:13am
11:00am 11:07am 11:10am 11:17am
11:04am 11:11am 11:14am 11:21am
11:08am 11:15am 11:18am 11:25am
11:12am 11:19am 11:22am 11:29am
11:16am 11:23am 11:26am 11:33am
11:20am 11:27am 11:30am 11:37am
11:24am 11:31am 11:34am 11:41am
11:28am 11:35am 11:38am 11:45am
11:32am 11:39am 11:42am 11:49am
11:36am 11:43am 11:46am 11:53am
11:40am 11:47am 11:50am 11:57am
11:44am 11:51am 11:54am 12:01pm
11:48am 11:55am 11:58am 12:05pm
11:52am 11:59am 12:02pm 12:09pm
11:56am 12:03pm 12:06pm 12:13pm
12:00pm 12:07pm 12:10pm 12:17pm
12:04pm 12:11pm 12:14pm 12:21pm
12:08pm 12:15pm 12:18pm 12:25pm
12:12pm 12:19pm 12:22pm 12:29pm
12:16pm 12:23pm 12:26pm 12:33pm
12:20pm 12:27pm 12:30pm 12:37pm
12:24pm 12:31pm 12:34pm 12:41pm
12:28pm 12:35pm 12:38pm 12:45pm
12:32pm 12:39pm 12:42pm 12:49pm
12:36pm 12:43pm 12:46pm 12:53pm
12:40pm 12:47pm 12:50pm 12:57pm
12:44pm 12:51pm 12:54pm 1:01pm
12:48pm 12:55pm 12:58pm 1:05pm
12:52pm 12:59pm 1:02pm 1:09pm
12:56pm 1:03pm 1:06pm 1:13pm
1:00pm 1:07pm 1:10pm 1:17pm
1:04pm 1:11pm 1:14pm 1:21pm
1:08pm 1:15pm 1:18pm 1:25pm
1:12pm 1:19pm 1:22pm 1:29pm
1:16pm 1:23pm 1:26pm 1:33pm
1:20pm 1:27pm 1:30pm 1:37pm
1:24pm 1:31pm 1:34pm 1:41pm
1:28pm 1:35pm 1:38pm 1:45pm
1:32pm 1:39pm 1:42pm 1:49pm
1:36pm 1:43pm 1:46pm 1:53pm
1:40pm 1:47pm 1:50pm 1:57pm
1:44pm 1:51pm 1:54pm 2:01pm
1:48pm 1:55pm 1:58pm 2:05pm
1:52pm 1:59pm 2:02pm 2:09pm
1:56pm 2:03pm 2:06pm 2:13pm
2:00pm 2:07pm 2:10pm 2:17pm
2:04pm 2:11pm 2:14pm 2:21pm
2:08pm 2:15pm 2:18pm 2:25pm
2:12pm 2:19pm 2:22pm 2:29pm
2:16pm 2:23pm 2:26pm 2:33pm
2:20pm 2:27pm 2:30pm 2:37pm
2:24pm 2:31pm 2:34pm 2:41pm
2:28pm 2:35pm 2:38pm 2:45pm
2:32pm 2:39pm 2:42pm 2:49pm
2:36pm 2:43pm 2:46pm 2:53pm
2:40pm 2:47pm 2:50pm 2:57pm
2:44pm 2:51pm 2:54pm 3:01pm
2:48pm 2:55pm 2:58pm 3:05pm
2:52pm 2:59pm 3:02pm 3:09pm
2:56pm 3:03pm 3:06pm 3:13pm
3:00pm 3:07pm 3:10pm 3:17pm
3:04pm 3:11pm 3:14pm 3:21pm
3:08pm 3:15pm 3:18pm 3:25pm
3:12pm 3:19pm 3:22pm 3:29pm
3:16pm 3:23pm 3:26pm 3:33pm
3:20pm 3:27pm 3:30pm 3:37pm
3:24pm 3:31pm 3:34pm 3:41pm
3:28pm 3:35pm 3:38pm 3:45pm
3:32pm 3:39pm 3:42pm 3:49pm
3:36pm 3:43pm 3:46pm 3:53pm
3:40pm 3:47pm 3:50pm 3:57pm
3:44pm 3:51pm 3:54pm 4:01pm
3:48pm 3:55pm 3:58pm 4:05pm
3:52pm 3:59pm 4:02pm 4:09pm
3:56pm 4:03pm 4:06pm 4:13pm
4:00pm 4:07pm 4:10pm 4:17pm
4:04pm 4:11pm 4:14pm 4:21pm
4:08pm 4:15pm 4:18pm 4:25pm
4:12pm 4:19pm 4:22pm 4:29pm
4:16pm 4:23pm 4:26pm 4:33pm
4:20pm 4:27pm 4:30pm 4:37pm
4:24pm 4:31pm 4:34pm 4:41pm
4:28pm 4:35pm 4:38pm 4:45pm
4:32pm 4:39pm 4:42pm 4:49pm
4:36pm 4:43pm 4:46pm 4:53pm
4:40pm 4:47pm 4:50pm 4:57pm
4:44pm 4:51pm 4:54pm 5:01pm
4:48pm 4:55pm 4:58pm 5:05pm
4:52pm 4:59pm 5:02pm 5:09pm
4:56pm 5:03pm 5:06pm 5:13pm
5:00pm 5:07pm 5:10pm 5:17pm
5:04pm 5:11pm 5:14pm 5:21pm
5:08pm 5:15pm 5:18pm 5:25pm
5:12pm 5:19pm 5:22pm 5:29pm
5:16pm 5:23pm 5:26pm 5:33pm
5:20pm 5:27pm 5:30pm 5:37pm
5:24pm 5:31pm 5:34pm 5:41pm
5:28pm 5:35pm 5:38pm 5:45pm
5:32pm 5:39pm 5:42pm 5:49pm
5:36pm 5:43pm 5:46pm 5:53pm
5:40pm 5:47pm 5:50pm 5:57pm
5:44pm 5:51pm 5:54pm 6:01pm
5:48pm 5:55pm 5:58pm 6:05pm
5:52pm 5:59pm 6:02pm 6:09pm
5:56pm 6:03pm 6:06pm 6:13pm
6:05pm 6:12pm 6:15pm 6:22pm
6:10pm 6:17pm 6:20pm 6:27pm
6:15pm 6:22pm 6:25pm 6:32pm
6:20pm 6:27pm 6:30pm 6:37pm
6:25pm 6:32pm 6:35pm 6:42pm
6:30pm 6:37pm 6:40pm 6:47pm
6:35pm 6:42pm 6:45pm 6:52pm
6:40pm 6:47pm 6:50pm 6:57pm
6:45pm 6:52pm 6:55pm 7:02pm
6:50pm 6:57pm 7:00pm 7:07pm
6:55pm 7:02pm 7:05pm 7:12pm
7:00pm 7:07pm 7:10pm 7:17pm
7:15pm 7:22pm 7:22pm 7:29pm
7:20pm 7:27pm 7:30pm 7:37pm
7:30pm 7:37pm 7:40pm 7:47pm
7:40pm 7:47pm 7:50pm 7:57pm
7:50pm 7:57pm 8:00pm 8:07pm
8:00pm 8:07pm 8:10pm 8:17pm
8:10pm 8:17pm 8:20pm 8:27pm
8:20pm 8:27pm 8:30pm 8:37pm
8:30pm 8:37pm 8:40pm 8:47pm
8:40pm 8:47pm 8:50pm 8:57pm
8:50pm 8:57pm 9:00pm 9:07pm
9:00pm 9:07pm 9:10pm 9:17pm
9:10pm 9:17pm 9:20pm 9:27pm
9:20pm 9:27pm 9:30pm 9:37pm
9:30pm 9:37pm 9:40pm 9:47pm
9:40pm 9:47pm 9:50pm 9:57pm
9:50pm 9:57pm 10:00pm 10:07pm
10:00pm 10:07pm 10:10pm 10:17pm
10:10pm 10:17pm 10:20pm 10:27pm
10:20pm 10:27pm 10:30pm 10:37pm
10:30pm 10:37pm 10:40pm 10:47pm
10:40pm 10:47pm 10:50pm 10:57pm
10:50pm 10:57pm 11:00pm 11:07pm
11:00pm 11:07pm 11:10pm 11:17pm
11:20pm 11:27pm 11:30pm 11:37pm
11:40pm 11:47pm 11:50pm 11:57pm
12:00am 12:07am 12:10am 12:17am


C-Swift Map Fall 2023

Fall 2023 C-Swift: Weekends

Saturday-Sunday, 7:30am-12:19am

12003 13009 12018 12018 12059 12003
7:30am 7:34am 7:38am 7:41am 7:45am 7:49am
7:52am 7:56am 8:00am 8:03am 8:07am 8:11am
8:14am 8:18am 8:22am 8:25am 8:29am 8:33am
8:36am 8:40am 8:44am 8:47am 8:51am 8:55am
8:47am 8:51am 8:55am 8:58am 9:02am 9:06am
8:58am 9:02am 9:06am 9:09am 9:13am 9:17am
9:09am 9:13am 9:17am 9:20am 9:24am 9:28am
9:20am 9:24am 9:28am 9:31am 9:35am 9:39am
9:31am 9:35am 9:39am 9:42am 9:46am 9:50am
9:42am 9:46am 9:50am 9:53am 9:57am 10:01am
9:53am 9:57am 10:01am 10:04am 10:08am 10:12am
10:04am 10:08am 10:12am 10:15am 10:19am 10:23am
10:15am 10:19am 10:23am 10:26am 10:30am 10:34am
10:26am 10:30am 10:34am 10:37am 10:41am 10:45am
10:37am 10:41am 10:45am 10:48am 10:52am 10:56am
10:48am 10:52am 10:56am 10:59am 11:03am 11:07am
10:59am 11:03am 11:07am 11:10am 11:14am 11:18am
11:10am 11:14am 11:18am 11:21am 11:25am 11:29am
11:21am 11:25am 11:29am 11:32am 11:36am 11:40am
11:32am 11:36am 11:40am 11:43am 11:47am 11:51am
11:43am 11:47am 11:51am 11:54am 11:58am 12:02pm
11:54am 11:58am 12:02pm 12:05pm 12:09pm 12:13pm
12:05pm 12:09pm 12:13pm 12:16pm 12:20pm 12:24pm
12:16pm 12:20pm 12:24pm 12:27pm 12:31pm 12:35pm
12:27pm 12:31pm 12:35pm 12:38pm 12:42pm 12:46pm
12:38pm 12:42pm 12:46pm 12:49pm 12:53pm 12:57pm
12:49pm 12:53pm 12:57pm 1:00pm 1:04pm 1:08pm
1:00pm 1:04pm 1:08pm 1:11pm 1:15pm 1:19pm
1:11pm 1:15pm 1:19pm 1:22pm 1:26pm 1:30pm
1:22pm 1:26pm 1:30pm 1:33pm 1:37pm 1:41pm
1:33pm 1:37pm 1:41pm 1:44pm 1:48pm 1:52pm
1:44pm 1:48pm 1:52pm 1:55pm 1:59pm 2:03pm
1:55pm 1:59pm 2:03pm 2:06pm 2:10pm 2:14pm
2:06pm 2:10pm 2:14pm 2:17pm 2:21pm 2:25pm
2:17pm 2:21pm 2:25pm 2:28pm 2:32pm 2:36pm
2:28pm 2:32pm 2:36pm 2:39pm 2:43pm 2:47pm
2:39pm 2:43pm 2:47pm 2:50pm 2:54pm 2:58pm
2:50pm 2:54pm 2:58pm 3:01pm 3:05pm 3:09pm
3:01pm 3:05pm 3:09pm 3:12pm 3:16pm 3:20pm
3:12pm 3:16pm 3:20pm 3:23pm 3:27pm 3:31pm
3:23pm 3:27pm 3:31pm 3:34pm 3:38pm 3:42pm
3:34pm 3:38pm 3:42pm 3:45pm 3:49pm 3:53pm
3:45pm 3:49pm 3:53pm 3:56pm 4:00pm 4:04pm
3:56pm 4:00pm 4:04pm 4:07pm 4:11pm 4:15pm
4:07pm 4:11pm 4:15pm 4:18pm 4:22pm 4:26pm
4:18pm 4:22pm 4:26pm 4:29pm 4:33pm 4:37pm
4:29pm 4:33pm 4:37pm 4:40pm 4:44pm 4:48pm
4:40pm 4:44pm 4:48pm 4:51pm 4:55pm 4:59pm
4:51pm 4:55pm 4:59pm 5:02pm 5:06pm 5:10pm
5:02pm 5:06pm 5:10pm 5:13pm 5:17pm 5:21pm
5:13pm 5:17pm 5:21pm 5:24pm 5:28pm 5:32pm
5:24pm 5:28pm 5:32pm 5:35pm 5:39pm 5:43pm
5:35pm 5:39pm 5:43pm 5:46pm 5:50pm 5:54pm
5:46pm 5:50pm 5:54pm 5:57pm 6:01pm 6:05pm
5:57pm 6:01pm 6:05pm 6:08pm 6:12pm 6:16pm
6:08pm 6:12pm 6:16pm 6:19pm 6:23pm 6:27pm
6:19pm 6:23pm 6:27pm 6:30pm 6:34pm 6:38pm
6:30pm 6:34pm 6:38pm 6:41pm 6:45pm 6:49pm
6:41pm 6:45pm 6:49pm 6:52pm 6:56pm 7:00pm
6:52pm 6:56pm 7:00pm 7:03pm 7:07pm 7:11pm
7:03pm 7:07pm 7:11pm 7:14pm 7:18pm 7:22pm
7:14pm 7:18pm 7:22pm 7:25pm 7:29pm 7:33pm
7:25pm 7:29pm 7:33pm 7:36pm 7:40pm 7:44pm
7:36pm 7:40pm 7:44pm 7:47pm 7:51pm 7:55pm
7:47pm 7:51pm 7:55pm 7:58pm 8:02pm 8:06pm
7:58pm 8:02pm 8:06pm 8:09pm 8:13pm 8:17pm
8:09pm 8:13pm 8:17pm 8:20pm 8:24pm 8:28pm
8:20pm 8:24pm 8:28pm 8:31pm 8:35pm 8:39pm
8:31pm 8:35pm 8:39pm 8:42pm 8:46pm 8:50pm
8:42pm 8:46pm 8:50pm 8:53pm 8:57pm 9:01pm
8:53pm 8:57pm 9:01pm 9:04pm 9:08pm 9:12pm
9:04pm 9:08pm 9:12pm 9:15pm 9:19pm 9:23pm
9:15pm 9:19pm 9:23pm 9:26pm 9:30pm 9:34pm
9:26pm 9:30pm 9:34pm 9:37pm 9:41pm 9:45pm
9:37pm 9:41pm 9:45pm 9:48pm 9:52pm 9:56pm
9:48pm 9:52pm 9:56pm 9:59pm 10:03pm 10:07pm
9:59pm 10:03pm 10:07pm 10:10pm 10:14pm 10:18pm
10:10pm 10:14pm 10:18pm 10:21pm 10:25pm 10:29pm
10:21pm 10:25pm 10:29pm 10:32pm 10:36pm 10:40pm
10:32pm 10:36pm 10:40pm 10:43pm 10:47pm 10:51pm
10:54pm 10:58pm 11:02pm 11:05pm 11:09pm 11:13pm
11:16pm 11:20pm 11:24pm 11:27pm 11:31pm 11:35pm
11:38pm 11:42pm 11:46pm 11:49pm 11:53pm 11:57pm
12:00am 12:04am 12:08am 12:11am 12:15am 12:19am