All Duke drivers are required to complete a Defensive Driving Course approved by Corporate Risk Management. This will generally be a one-time requirement. Repeat or supplemental training may be required at the discretion of Corporate Risk Management. This Defensive Driving Course training is available online through the Duke Learning Management System website at a small cost to the Duke driver’s department. Note: Duke drivers who only operate golf carts, or utility vehicles, or powered industrial trucks are not required to take the Defensive Driving Course. All Duke drivers are also required to complete an online Vehicle Safety Policy training to ensure that they are aware of the requirements of this policy.

Safety training for drivers who transport passengers in a vehicle larger than a minivan is offered by Parking and Transportation Services on a quarterly basis. Classes are held at 10:00 a.m., with student sign-in at Science Drive Garage, and space is limited to five trainees. The fee per pupil is $200. Training is scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Additional policies for passenger vans include:

  • All drivers of passenger vans carrying more than 11 people shall be at least 21 years old and meet the other requirements of Duke drivers.
  • Departments shall schedule all Duke drivers who will operate passenger vans carrying more than 11 people to attend training on the safe operation of passenger vans.
  • Departments leasing passenger vans shall carry (at the Department’s expense) supplemental liability insurance offered by the leasing agency.
  • On trips where a driver may be required to operate a passenger van for more than four hours consecutively, a trained relief driver shall be required. The two shall alternate as necessary to ensure that neither operates the van while fatigued.
  • The use of passenger vans with cargo stored on the roof shall be prohibited.
  • Drivers are restricted from using passenger vans to transport children in the 12th grade or younger. Drivers using passenger vans to transport minors must have prior written approval from Duke Corporate Risk Management.

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