Our service is set up to supplement our bus routes; not replace them.  While buses are running, Duke Vans cannot pick-up or drop-off in some areas.  For example, while the LaSalle Loop is running, you cannot be dropped off along Morreene Rd. or Campus Walk.

If your ride booked and you have an estimated pick-up time, it means the system has received your request but it has not assigned it to a vehicle.  Once you have been assigned to a vehicle, you will see the vehicle ID number and an updated ETA (estimated time of arrival).

Duke Vans will only drop you off at your off-campus residence.  To reduce confusion, we have removed non-residential areas from the in-app map.

No. If you live outside the service boundary, you may not request a ride to the edge of the boundary and walk the rest of the way. If we discover improper usage, we reserve the right to suspend your Duke Vans privileges.

How long you may wait to be picked up depends on many factors:  how many requests came in before yours, how many vans are in-service, and where the vans are located on campus.  When your ride is booked, you will receive an estimated pick-up and drop-off time.  If you choose to cancel a ride because of a long wait time, your next request will be scheduled only as of that second ride request.  Your first request no longer exists.

If you see this alert, do not worry.  This is the standard language sent out when our drivers arrive at the pick-up location.  The driver will wait 2 minutes before departing for their next pick-up or drop-off.  Look for the vehicle that matches the one on your app.  Signal the driver and board the van.