What if I can’t carpool one day and need to park?

Unless you're registered as a two-person carpool with a one-car household, registered carpoolers can obtain up to three free daily parking passes per month. If you need more than three day passes in a month, you can purchase them online.

How many permits will our carpool receive?

Your carpool will receive one permit for your preferred lot. Share the permit with members of your carpool; it's valid in all the vehicles registered in your carpool.

Am I guaranteed a place to park?

Yes -- your carpool/rideshare permit is valid in an assigned lot. This custom Google map displays carpool parking options, as well as flexible carpool spaces. We also designate limited flexible carpool spaces in a variety of lots for carpool permit holders only. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Note: Flexible spaces are available to any vehicle with a carpool permit, regardless of the lot the permit is assigned to. Display your carpool permit when parked in these spaces -- failure to do so will result in a citation. Free daily passes are not valid in flexible spaces. 

If I join a carpool, can I keep my current parking permit?

No. Customers may only have one active permit assigned to them. If you sign up for a carpool, your current permit will be deactivated.

Is a motorcycle or moped an eligible carpool vehicle?

No. Only DMV-registered multi-passenger cars and trucks are eligible.

My carpool partner forgot to give me the permit -- how can I park?

Log into your parking account and obtain a free daily pass. You'll need to print and scan the pass to enter the facility. If you've used your three free passes this month, you'll need to purchase the day pass.

Can I quit my carpool?

Yes, but you must contact the Alternative Outreach Coordinator to cancel. Leaving your carpool may impact the cost to and/or eligibility of the other members of your carpool. We'll contact them to make other arrangements. They may opt to find a member to replace you, or, if the carpool is disbanded, we'll attempt to assign each of them to either the facility where they parked before or to a facility that is available.

How do I renew my carpool permit?

We'll send you a letter advising you when it's time to renew, with instructions on how to re-register