Alternative Transportation

With thousands of visitors, 36,000 employees and nearly 15,000 students, Duke encourages staff, faculty and students who commute to campus to explore alternative transportation options. The "Unpark Yourself" program encompasses these options, and offers many ways to save on fuel costs and parking fees, while also helping Duke create a more sustainable campus. To stay up-to-date on commute programs at Duke, subscribe to the Unpark Yourself mailing list.  For assistance in finding the best transportation options for your commute, submit a request to create a personal commute plan.

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A car-free commute at Duke is easier than ever using fare-free regional services that allow all students and eligible faculty and staff to take unlimited rides on GoDurhamGoTriangle, and GoRaleigh.


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We offer a carpool program with an array of incentives, including free and convenient parking for groups of four or more people. The program is open to all Duke staff, faculty, and students who have a vehicle and live off-campus. 

Carpooling at Duke

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We work with GoTriangle and Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation to provide vanpool programs to employees. Employees can sign up and designate a driver and riders. 

Vanpool program at Duke

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If you bike to Duke, read about our bicyling program and register as a bike commuter to receive benefits. 

Bicycling at Duke

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If you live close to where you work or study, you may opt to walk to Duke. Alternatives are available during inclement weather.

Walking at Duke

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Telecommuting enables you to work at home or another remote location for all or part of your work week. Discuss the possibility of telecommuting with your supervisor; it may be not be appropriate for all employees and jobs.

Telecommuting at Duke


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For occasional parking needs, day passes provide valid parking for one calendar day.

Occasional Parking at Duke

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To help you on your way, links to helpful mobile apps are here.

Mobile App Resources