Science Drive Garage

The Science Drive Garage at the intersection of Science Drive and Cameron Boulevard/Highway 751 will open for select customers and event guests in November 2016. General permit sales and wait list offers to faculty, staff, affiliates, and departments will start in January 2017.

The seven-level garage provides 2,263 spaces, which will mostly serve graduate student and staff and faculty customers with permits. Visitor spaces are also be available. The garage includes amenities such as electric vehicle charging stations, low emissions vehicle spaces, and moped, motorcycle and bike parking. The garage is served by transit routes PR1: Bassett-Research and C3: Class Change.

The garage becomes the primary parking facility for graduate and professional students who study on West Campus and helps reduce overcrowding in other facilities due to construction. The opening of the new garage creates additional capacity in highly desired lots such as Chemistry, Circuit, and Parking Garage 4.

Many graduate students will move from other parking areas to the garage prior to January, 2017.  There will be no price adjustment or permit exchange required as a result of transferring to the garage. Graduate students purchasing a permit for the first time will pay the pro-rated graduate student rate of $444.  Faculty, staff, affiliates, and departments who switch to the Science Drive Garage will pay a pro-rated proximate rate when they exchange their permits. The annual rate for faculty, staff, affiliates, and departments is $600. Undergraduate students are not eligible for a Science Drive garage permit.

If you are interested in parking in the Science Drive Garage, please sign-up. To do so, visit, select Manage My Parking Account, and log in. Select “Add/Edit Waitlists” at the lower right of the screen. Parking and Transportation will make permit offers to graduate students first, and then to faculty, staff and affiliates based upon space availability and the order in which the requests are received.