First-Year Student Permits

Welcome to Duke!

As a first-year student, you're allowed to bring a vehicle to campus, however, other modes of transportation are available and may be preferable:

Bringing a Vehicle

If you decide to bring a vehicle to Duke, you'll need to purchase the appropriate permit. Before you do so, please note:

  • All first-year students live on East Campus. The only permit available is for nearby Smith Warehouse South lot (SGS permit); spaces are limited.
  • You may not drive a car to class, as parking near academic buildings is restricted to valid permits. Mopeds and motorcycles may be driven to class and must be parked in appropriate locations.

Before You Buy a Parking Permit

Before you purchase a permit, note:

  • The annual permit fee for student residents (2017-2018) is $402. The fee is prorated monthly.
  • The fee is billed to your bursar account.
  • Your permit is only valid in its assigned facility.
  • Your permit cannot be shared, and is associated with your vehicle make/model and license plate.

Purchasing a Permit

If you have a Duke NetID and password, you may purchase a permit online. Your receipt will include a temporary, printable pass (PDF) to use until your permit arrives.  

  • If you purchase before August 1, your permit will be included in the move-in packet you receive when you arrive on campus in August.
  • Your permit is valid for a year, from August 16 to August 15.
  • You must display the permit whenever your vehicle is parked on campus (including during academic breaks and holidays).
  • You are responsible for any fines incurred by a vehicle displaying your permit. Fines are charged to your bursar account.