What's A NetID?

The NetID is an identification you can use to gain access to on-line systems and services at Duke.

The use of NetIDs is an important part of a Duke initiative to reduce the use of personal information such as social security numbers in identifying users of the Duke computing network.

With a NetID you can:

  • Register for parking on-line
  • Update your phone, email, and address contact information for the Duke directory
  • Download software that Duke has licensed
  • Use programs such as SAP/R3, SISS, and Duke@Work
  • Gain access to email and other services from a remote site

All faculty and staff have individual NetIDs, including those who do not use a computer regularly in their positions at Duke.

When you set up your NetID password, Duke automatically tests it; if it is easy to guess, the password will not be accepted, and you will be prompted to enter a stronger password. For more information about what makes a strong, secure password visit:


Your NetID is not required for all online resources. For example, Lotus Notes and most Health System applications use their own authentication systems. Your departmental system administrator can assist you with non-NetID authentication.

If you have questions, contact the OIT Help Desk at (919) 684-2200 or the DHTS Help Desk at (919) 684-2243.