If you park on campus, you need a permit valid in the facility where you park. The majority of our facilities are gated, and our system requires a valid credential to enter and exit.

Important! Display your permit any time you are parked in a Duke facility -- failure to do so may result in a citation. If you don't have your permit, we can provide you with a printable receipt of your current permit to display on your dashboard. Do one of the following:

Use the menu at left to learn more about the permits and facilities available. Availability is determined by your primary affiliation (student, faculty, etc.) Pricing is largely based on a facility's proximity to work/study locations. To learn more about individual facilities, visit the complete list.

Using your permit

In order to enter a gated facility, you need a valid permit. The following permit types (credentials) work with our system:  

  • Annual permit hangtag - Hang the tag from your rearview mirror and approach the entry/exit gate slowly. The system will read your permit, check its validity for the location, day and time, and allow entry or deny entry based on those criteria. If the permit is valid, the gate will raise automatically.
  • Hangtag barcode - Scan the hangtag at an entry/exit gate.
  • DukeCard associated with an annual permit - If you don't have your permit, swipe your DukeCard to enter/exit. Read the important note above.
  • Paper pass (PDF) with barcode - These can be purchased online for short-term/occasional parking. Scan the barcode at entry and exit and display the permit on your dashboard.

Besides providing access to your assigned facility/facilities, your annual permit is valid weekdays from 5:00pm to 6:59am and all day Saturday and Sunday in most gated facilities. If you don't have an annual permit and would like night/weekend access to facilities, obtain an after-hours permit

Manage Your Parking Account

Log in to your parking account any time to:

  • Purchase a permit
  • Update your permit mailing address (to update any other address, visit Duke@Work)
  • Add/update a vehicle