New Employees: Obtaining Your First Parking Permit

New faculty and staff who are eligible for payroll deduction may purchase an annual permit. New faculty and staff who are not benefits-eligible may purchase a temporary permit. Waitlists are available for several facilities. See the sections below for detail. 

New Employee Eligible for Payroll Deduction: Annual Permit with 10 Day Temporary Pass

New employees with a valid NetID who are eligible for payroll deduction may purchase an annual permit with 10-day temporary pass. Facility options are based on current availability. A third party fulfills the permit order and will mail your permit hangtag directly to you within three business days. In the interim, you will receive a temporary barcode permit (PDF) via email that conveys access to the selected facility for 10 days. You can use your mobile device to display and scan the permit’s barcode in the parking facility entry/exit lane. Alternatively, you can print and display the temporary permit on your vehicle’s dashboard. Your DukeCard will also provide access to your assigned facility.

Note for new nurses: Day shift nurses are eligible to purchase annual permits for the facilities below. Evening and weekend nurses are eligible for an HEW permit. These options will display when you log into Manage My Parking Account.

Selecting and purchasing your annual permit 

To view the facility's location on the Duke map, click the facility name. See also a complete list of facilities (including bus routes) and permit fees.

To purchase an annual permit for one of the facilities above, visit Manage My Parking Account. Use your NetID and password to log in. You may pay with a credit/debit card, or have the permit fee deducted from your paycheck. 

Getting on a Wait List

If you wish to park in location where there is no current availability, you may place yourself on a wait list, provided you are eligible to purchase a permit for that location. As spaces in a location become available, we offer them to wait listed customers on a first-come first-served basis. You may choose to be added to up to two wait lists and indicate which is your priority.

If we offer you a permit for a location where you have been wait listed, you will be removed from any other wait lists with a priority lower than the one you were offered. In other words, if you are on two wait lists and we offer you a permit for your lower priority wait list, we will not remove you from the higher priority waitlist. Note that when you join a second wait list, it becomes the high priority choice by default. You may adjust the priority of your wait lists online at any time. To add yourself to a wait list, visit Manage My Parking Account and log in with your NetID.

Faculty, staff and students who leave Duke (and are no longer listed in the Duke directory) are removed from wait lists.