Available Annual Permits

Available annual permits/facilities are listed below. Permits are based on facility availability, and in the case of students, residential status. Your annual permit is valid in most parking facilities after hours between 5pm and 6:59am, and all day Saturday and Sunday. During events, evening/weekend access to many facilities is restricted.

If the facility you'd like to park in is unavailable, you may be able to join a wait list (wait lists are not available for all facilities). To join a wait list, visit Manage My Parking Account, log in with your NetID, and select Add/Edit Waitlists. You may join two wait lists maximum, and can change your wait list choices at any time.

For pricing, see Zones, Lots, and Permit Rates.


The following permits are available to all faculty/staff and may be purchased online:

The following permits are available only to faculty/staff who work in these locations. These permits are not available online. To purchase, visit one of our locations.

For faculty/staff working in the Allen, Soc-Psych, and Social Science Buildings; and along Campus Drive, including the Rubenstein Arts Center, Duke University Road (DUR) and Central Campus (CEE) permits are available.

Graduate/Professional and Undergraduate Students

The following permits are available online:

Revised January 16, 2018