Motorcycles & Mopeds

At Duke, parking permits are required for all licensed vehicles, including motorcycles and scooters with engines larger than 50 cubic centimeters, an external shifting device or the capability to exceed 30 miles per hour on a level surface.  Scooters over 50cc are considered a motorcycle according to NC law.

Motorcycle and moped drivers must abide by all Duke vehicle operating and parking policies, as well as State operating requirements.


Duke employees, students and contractors with a valid automobile parking permit may receive a complimentary motorcycle ("MRC") permit.  If a motorcycle is a commuter's only vehicle, the driver is required to purchase a motorcycle permit at regular cost.

Motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle spaces with the parking permit affixed to the front fork or rear fender.  Motorcycle permits may not be used as part of a carpool. 

Designated motorcycle parking areas can be viewed on the Duke Campus Map at


As of July 1, 2015, a moped or scooter with an engine less than 50 cubic centimeters now requires vehicle registration in the State of North Carolina.  Mopeds may park in designated moped parking areas.  If there are no spots available, mopeds make park at a bike rack.  Access to sidewalks and bike racks must not be impeded.

Designated moped parking areas can be viewed on the Duke Campus Map at

Other Requirements for Motorcycle and Moped Drivers

To avoid pedestrian conflicts, neither motorcycles nor mopeds should be operated on campus sidewalks.  If a moped must access a bike parking area or designated moped parking space by way of a pedestrian egress area, the driver should dismount from the vehicle and walk from the street to the parking area.  No motorcycle or moped should park in any fashion as to block a pedestrian egress area, emergency exit, or handicap access feature to any campus building.

No motorized vehicles are allowed in Duke Gardens.

Further information on Duke motorcycle and moped policies can be found at

Additional information on North Carolina laws regarding motorcycle and moped licensing and operation can be found online at