Electric Vehicle Charging Stations



ChargePoint Level 2 station in Science Drive Garage.  Visit ChargePoint to request an account.

A pilot program is available that offers charging stations for commuters with electric vehicles, including eight Level 2 ChargePoint stations, one Eaton DC Fast Charger and two General Electric Level 2 stations.

The ChargePoint stations are Level 2- J1772 stations, compatible with many different electric vehicles.

  • ChargePoint sessions are $0.75/hour for the first four hours.  Duke station use is restricted to one-hour fast charging and four-hour Level 2 charging.
  • Register for a free ChargePoint account by visiting the ChargePoint website.  And remember to request a card through the mail. 
  • Registration is also available using the ChargePoint app.  After loading the app to your smartphone, call ChargePoint to finalize registration.  You can begin charging after the call.
  • Charging at the Eaton Fast Charger and General Electric stations is free and no registration is required. The Eaton charger is CHAdeMO compatible.

Where to Find Charging Stations

The Science Drive and Research Drive garages are equipped with ChargePoint stations, while the Eaton Fast Charger is located in the Smith Warehouse North parking lot. Two General Electric Level 2 stations are present in the Bryan Center surface parking lot.  Charging stations are available for Duke permit holders, including paid visitor permits for stations in visitor lots.  The Science Drive Garage has a charging station on the ground level that can be reached by pulling a ticket at the visitor entrance off Thomas Center Drive.

How to Use ChargePoint Stations

ChargePoint stations are easy to use - just make sure you have an account before you start charging.

Step 1: Tap In

Tap your ChargePoint card or your phone (you must be signed in to the mobile app) on the station to start a charge. This will unlock the charging connector so you can remove it from the charging station. You can also tap the orange “Start Charge” button in the station information page in the mobile app.

Step 2: Lift the Connector

Push the button to lift the connector out of the holster on the station.

Step 3: Plug In (and Check In)

Plug the connector into your EV and hit the blue button to start charging. Check your EV’s indicator to make sure you are charging (often there are lights on the dashboard to show this).

Step 4: Do Your Thing

Relax and go about your day. You can track your charging in the app if you want. ChargePoint will send you a notification when your car is done charging (if notifications are on for your account).

Step 5: Tap Out

When you get back to your car, tap your card or phone and push the blue button to confirm that you want to end your session. The station will show you how much it cost, and if you’re a member with receipts enabled, ChargePoint will send you a receipt with your charging details.

Step 6:  Unplug

Don’t forget to unplug the connector and put it back in the holster.

Using the Eaton and General Electric Fast Charge Stations

These stations are free for Duke permit holders.  Follow the instructions on the unit.  Charging is limited to one-hour sessions.