Parking Access System


Parking access becomes hands-free.

In February 2014, Duke began installing a new parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) that leverages radio frequency (RFID) technology. Parking & Transportation provides most annual permit holders with a hangtag that has an RFID tag embedded, which allows hands-free entry and exit to facilities equipped with the new technology. The new system allows Duke to analyze usage data to consider short-term and occasional-use parking options, among other programs. 

The new system prevents unauthorized use of parking credentials. Once a permit holder has entered a facility, he or she must exit before re-entering. The access credential can only be in one facility and in use by one permit holder at a time.

In October 2016, Duke completed the installation of the new system.

Entering and exiting facilities

Permit holders are encouraged to hang their permit from their rearview mirror and utiize the embedded RFID to enter and exit. The barcode and magnetic stripe on parking permits and DukeCards will also operate parking gates. Short-term/occasional parkers may be provided with a scan-able pass, which can be read by the in-lane equipment. 

Visitor parking

The new system utilizes automated pay stations in and around Duke parking garages, which allow visitors to pay before they exit. Read more about visitor parking, and watch a video to learn more.