Like most colleges and universities, parking at Duke University and Health System isn’t always easy. We’ve created a parking system to benefit the entire Duke community of students, faculty, staff, visitors and patients.

For our visitors, parking lots, metered parking, and garages are available throughout campus. You can view a video to learn more about how our garage pay stations work. Read more about visitor parking here.

Duke's parking and transportation system manages supply and demand while providing employees and students options that balance price and convenience.  With a robust alternative transportation program, reliable on-campus transportation services, an appropriate mix of on-campus student and employee parking, and off-campus park and ride lots, there is a transportation option for most every need.

**Students and employees with permanent physical disabilities must request consideration for handicapped parking each year by filling out an application form and forwarding copies to Employee Occupational Health and Wellness (EOHW) and the Disability Management System.  If requesting special parking for 3 months or less, a doctor's note stating the individual's mobility limitations is required.