New website offers tips, information for bicyclists

About 350 of Duke's students, faculty and staff are registered bike commuters.
February 15, 2011A new website for Duke’s bicyclist community will help spread information and encourage other Duke community members to try cycling as an alternative to commuting to campus by car., a bicyclist-themed website, was launched at the beginning of February and is maintained and updated by Greg Hardy, a graduate student at Duke who makes a three-mile daily commute to campus by bike from his downtown Durham home. Along with Hardy, there are about 350 registered bicycle commuters at Duke. Hardy said that with the new website, he hopes to increase that number.

“There’s a lot of information about biking and biking at Duke, but I found it was spread out with different people and organizations,” he said. “People have an unusual dependence on driving, and I bike to break that dependence. I hope the site encourages others to do that too.”

In addition to maps, route guides and safety tips, the site also features numerous links for Duke and local biking groups, an application to become a bicycle commuter at Duke and inspirational biking websites. As of now, Hardy is the only administrator for the site, but said he’d like to have other students or employees contribute to the website. Anyone can currently use the site to post comments on different sections of the site or share their own biking information.

Hardy said that he’d like for other bicyclists to use the website to motivate others by posting their own biking tips and testimonials about why they choose to bike. The site will also select a “Duke Biker of the Month” to highlight individuals who choose to ride instead of drive.

“It’s important to try and change people’s perception of biking because it’s practical and easy, especially in Durham,” Hardy said. “It also gives you more sense of ownership of Durham because you get to go out, ride through the city and become more familiar with Duke and Durham.”

Students, faculty or staff who want to get involved with can e-mail Hardy at